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I’ve switched up a few of my key beauty products, and am now trying Urban Decay’s Naked Collection. The past 6 months has been a major push to really simplify and minimize my skincare and beauty regimen. Basically anything I can squeeze in under 10 mins…and that’s even a special occasion night. I’ve heard and read both good reviews on Urban Decay’s Illuminating and Board Spectrum Balms so I’ll let ya know what I find in a few weeks. Anyone used these before? FYI- You can shop Urban Decay at Nordstrom or Nordstrom online…just one more added detail to make it even more the mothership it already is.
Just snagged Carven’s roller pen which is a nice break from my abused cologne collection. It’s very light and florally, in a quiet, charming way. Just the change I’ve needed!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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