Sleek and Smart

All Photos: Jessica Steddom

Sleek, clean, modern and SMART!  I’m very excited to share a product that I’ve loved using day to day and have been so impressed with. Meet LARQ —  the savvy, self-cleaning water bottle. The innovation design and LED technology destroys bacteria and germs through use.

Whether traveling, working out, or running to meetings, I always have a water bottle on me. Hydration is key to keeping my energy high and feel clear minded.. After hearing about LARQ, I researched germs and bacteria  build up in water bottles. The results are staggering. Check out this and this. You’ll be shocked!

LARQ automatically cleans up to every 2hrs killing to 99.99% of germs in the bottle! There are two cleaning modes – Adventure mode and Normal mode. You can choose depending on activities for that day! The best part is you only need to charge the bottle every 1-2 months, and you never have to change the filter. So easy!

LARQ comes in 5 colors, each equally beautiful. I may have to get a few more, because I’m going to be carrying LARQ with me wherever I go. Check them out, and keep your water bottle germ-free. Let me know what you guys think!

Shot at The Thompson Hotel, Nashville


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