Weekend road trip to Cummin Falls with my team… fresh air, morning light, healthy greens anddddd Judah and The Lion album on repeat. Seriously doesn’t get better. One of the many reasons I’m thankful to call TN home.
So refreshing to spend some time outside. My mind definitely needed a recharge!

Finding balance between work and play is so important. While I was hiking I wore my new set of Lokai 2.0 bracelets, just released today! You guys may have seen their classic bracelets which also contain water from the highest point on earth, and mud from the lowest.

For Lokai, life’s all about balance. I couldn’t agree more.

Lokai promotes such a worthwhile message to stay humble during life’s highs, and hopeful during its lows. Better still, they’ve donated millions of dollars to charities, impacting communities across the world. I’m inspired!

What are some things you do to maintain a healthy balance?

Keeping family and my faith close, always adventuring and learning, music and more music, listening the most….all the things that keep me sane most days =)

xx. -M

PS– Our new family member arrives in one month! Little baby blue Great Dane— AND A BOY! Name suggestions?!


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