There are few things I love more than taking the pups out on a sunny afternoon! It’s the perfect break for long computer hours and escaping the office…especially necessary with “baby” Miles.  I typically take them just around the corner to the Gulch Greenway. Not only is there a beautiful walking trail, there is also a small outdoor gym setup. Mad and I come here all the time on the weekends. It’s the perfect spot to get a quick workout in while also exercising the pups on the greenway.

How amazing is this Outdoor Voices gear?! I’m a long time fan of all their activewear and these pieces are some of my favs, especially the Steeplechase Bra. It’s the perfect mid-weight to give you just enough support, but also still very movable and light. I wear in workouts, day to day, and even when going out. It’s truly one of those pieces that transitions lounge to activewear! Alsssooo loving the Dove colorway. Two tone grey. I’m in =)

xx M

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