Upcoming trips are keeping me honest about workouts. There’s nothing more motivating than the threat of a bikini. First to St. Lucia, then on to Cuba- I CAN NOT WAIT to share!

Now in a perfect world I would be doubling up on sessions with my trainer, strategically targeting areas that don’t usually see the light of day . . . but in the middle of the holiday season that’s pretty unrealistic.

So, when the calendar is crazy and the trips are stacked and the bags are over-packed, as they always are, I keep the workouts simple. A run.

Running is the one lasting approach that works for me. Anytime. Anywhere. All you need is a good pair of sneaks.

My latest-

The AlphaBounce by Adidas, from Finish Line! The foam cushioning absorbs a ton of the impact so my knees don’t have to, the mesh upper is super breathable, plus lightweight and easy to pack! And, this print! I love how it extends all the way down, so good! XX M

*This post is brought to you by Finish Line.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own


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