Rugged chic



Spent the last two weeks working from my office in Nashville living in this new Chelsea boot from Blundstone. Maybe it’s my southern roots or the ease of Nashville wearing off, but I’d choose boots over heels any day.

Not only the wearability but (my personal fav) the juxtaposition of styling can be very creative. The fact this brown Chelsea can pair with an elevated trouser is the REAL win! Rugged but chic, sophisticated yet casual. The contrast keeps it thoughtful, fresh, and inspiring.

Still the identical silhouette, the black feels more sleek and minimal…perfect pair with this grid print midi and my predictable bomber addition. Street and savvy!

Whether I’m running errands in denim, taking Miles and Allie to Radnor Lake in leggings, or fully decked out for music shows with Mad, this Chelsea can be styled for any occasion.

Did I mention how comfortable they are? You will be shocked…the subtle leather is soft anddurable all at once. You won’t be disappointed!





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