At Home with Team HG

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Giving you guys a look inside the team’s spaces and having them share their favorite pieces from HG! One of my favorite parts about our team is how we each have a unique perspective and bring something different when we collaborate. Space and home reflects so much about personality so wanted to share with you guys some new ways to use these pieces from each of us at HG. 

Let me know what you think!




Double Handed Vase & Wave Pitcher

“I love the mod look of these two pieces styled together. I have them in my music room paired with coffee table books, but you can add greenery and use as a vase or use the pitcher for hosting.” 


Match Striker

“I love filling my house with details that are modern and unique mixed in with vintage pieces. This Teracotta and White Match Striker is the perfect accent for a side table. My cat, Olive, loves them too :).”



Ceramic French Press & Amber Mug

“Coffee is my favorite part of my morning routine. I have a small apartment, and love this French press because I can leave it out as a coffee station on my counter. It’s minimal and clean and goes with the neutral tones in the rest of my space. I love pairing the amber glasses with the matte finish as a play on texture.”



Rose Match Cloche

“I have the Rose Match Cloche styled on my coffee table. I love how the small and large look side by side. I get a lot of natural light in my house, so these are the perfect accent pieces for this space.”



Small Jasper Marble Bowl

“The Small Jasper Marble Bowl as been one of the most simplistic yet versatile products I have bought for my home. I can always find a purpose to use it or have it setting out as decor. Minimal but makes a subtle statement.” 


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18 responses to “At Home with Team HG

    1. Thanks so much! It’s so fun to include things in the store that I’m loving in my own home to share with you guys.


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