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Wednesday, April 18th, 2018



Hey guys! I just got home from an amazing trip to Austin for SXSW and am still reeling from inspiration overload. Music, food, and fashion . . . it was nonstop and the best kind of busy, but more on that later. Austin is a place where people wear what they want and even as a visitor you remember that dressing up and going out doesn’t have to be complicated. Running around the city reminded me that keeping it casual works best and having strong basics is all that matters.

Today’s best basic- this denim cutoff from Express! Cutoff shorts in just the right wash with small details you love- split seams and a good frayed edge . . . a perfect match for most anything. When I find a pair I love I tend to put them on daily. Here are three ways I plan to wear these out:


The first look is a feminine floral print on a boxy boys shirt, it’s a color combination
that suggests I’ve been digging through some amazing thrift stores. I’m really into florals lately and especially love the bold palette and vintage vibes of this top. Leather with denim is a classic combination that I never tire of. Adding a contrasting chunky boot keeps the look more street, and ready for a day that might end with drinks or a good show.


Look number two is inspired by finicky weather, especially here in Nashville. One minute it’s 70 and sunny and the next I’m dodging rain clouds. I’ve been known to grab a chunky cardigan on my way out the door, regardless of what I’m wearing. Somehow it always works out and this is no exception. Quick and casual, cozy and a bit sweeter than the leather look, this is perfect for errands and runs to and from the new office!

The last look has me seriously dreaming about a lakeside picnic with Mad and the dogs! I’ve got a crochet once-piece underneath and couldn’t feel more ready for Saturdays in the summertime when impromptu swims have you stashing swimsuits or layering up. Just in case! Easily replace the bathing suit with a killer bodysuit and wear with any sandal or sneaker that you currently love. You’ll be ready for any warm weather adventure! xx -M


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14 responses to “BEST BASICS

  1. It really sounds like the SXSW festival (and Austin!) are such inspiring places. To be honest, I’ve only ever heard amazing things about both and would love to experience it for myself one day. And I’m digging your look too girl!

    Love, Kiara 💕

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