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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016



My recycling habits were admittedly minimal. After reading an article on one-use coffee pods, my eyes were really opened to what it meant to reuse. It’s a conversation worth having, and partnering with bobble has really helped reduce my plastic waste and just make me more aware.

The bobble insulate is great for my workouts. My water stays cold, even if I were to leave it in the car. No sweat. No leaks. I’m excited to try some hot recipes this fall with maybe cinnamon or lemon.

Water cocktails are new to me. They’re great for the immune system and staying hydrated. Cucumber + lemon + lime is super refreshing, but today I wanted to share one of my favorites: grapefruit and rosemary. If the citrus is too thick, it’s harder to get it in there. I thinly sliced the grapefruit and added a generous amount of rosemary needles. The bobble infuse carbon filter will keep the water fresh and the fruit out.

I’ve heard basil is a great stress reliever. Might try that and strawberries tomorrow! What you guys think? Every used in Bobble products?

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18 responses to “BOBBLE LOVE

  1. Basil is great — basil and strawberry is my favorite!

    Where did you find those adorable leggings?

  2. 100k though. Unless we thought he had no future, that makes no sense. Pepper is in his last academy year and I do#;3n9&t think he's been playing much due to injury, who knows.

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