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Monday, January 9th, 2017



Borrowing  a piece from the boys today and keeping warm in a classic men’s coat.  This houndstooth duster is a slim fit for a double breasted coat, keeping it from looking too oversized and boxy.

The rest is just cozy layers-

Denim, a soft sweater, and the warmest beanie I own – perfect for roaming around Nashville on a winter day!  I’m training for fashion week, where cold temps and crummy weather don’t justify bad outfits.  Somehow you have to keep warm while pounding the pavement and look good shivering the whole way.

I have a feeling this new chunky heeled boot from Senso will come in handy.  The suede and leather combo in this buttery color seems to go with everything, and the covered platform gives me a little extra lift-  Maybe it will keep my toes out of the snow?!  Fingers crossed.  XX- M


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  1. Already blowing 2017 out of the water. Really good, Mary. My wardrobe wouldn’t look half as good as it does nor would it be as enjoyable without your constant inspiration.

  2. Love this look! It was so cold in Nashville this weekend so it’s great to see inspiration for layered looks that aren’t boring.

  3. I love how all of the pieces are put together and the look was photographed. The oversized coat is so unique and so beautiful!

  4. I’m in love with this outfit! Each piece is so cute and I absolutely love the way you’ve paired them together! I’ve been pairing beige or cream with greys too lately. I’ve just posted a monochrome grey on grey look on my blog.

    With love,

  5. Hello! I just wanted to reach out and let you know I’ve featured Happily Grey on my blog for a post about my favorite Nashville based bloggers. I would love it if you took a moment to go check out the post – I hope you enjoy it!


    Camille, a Nashville based blogger

  6. You must be freezing in that duster… one can even see the goose bumps in the ankles…
    Parisian girls are good reference for cold weather fashions, they are not afraid of going warm and know how to give the protagonism to a great coat. Best example would be Alt & co but in general, warming up is never seen as a challenge fashion wise in Paris!

  7. What size did you buy in the coat. I just bought a 4 and am afraid it looks too big. Thanks.

  8. What size did you buy in the coat? I just bought a 4 and am afraid it looks too big. Thanks.

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