DIY Christmas Ornaments

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

My absolute favorite time of the year and first ever Christmas to celebrate in our home together. I almost always wait till after Thanksgiving to start decorating, however I got started a little early this year…couldn’t wait! 

I always look forward to the tree the most and even more excited to see Navy’s reaction. Truly brings a whole new meaning seeing everything through her eyes. This season Mad and I invested in a 9ft Balsam Hill pre-lit beauty (we have other real trees throughout the house…tour coming soon!). I quickly realized I had no where near the amount of ornaments I needed so decided to DIY the rest for two reasons… 1. avoid spending a ton of money on ornaments 2. allows us time to collect meaningful ornaments over the years vs just buying in bulk.

Soooo I’m totally no DIY expert but here’s my stab ornament making! I actually love how they turned out and it’s something I plan to do with Navy each year as she gets older. 


For these, I used plastic ornaments from Michaels – so inexpensive! And I bought three types of fresh greenery – pine, eucalyptus and spruce. The eucalyptus I bought from Trader Joes but the pine and spruce I actually pulled from garland I had already bough for a table runner – perfect to re-purpose the scraps!

The top of the plastic ornaments easily pop on and off, so I just cut a the greenery to the length of the ornament and placed it inside and secured the top back on – SO easy! If you want to give it more of an earthy vibe – use twine in place of a hook to hang on your tree. 


I found that hairspray is key over glue! I also tried glue, but thought it got too messy and dulled the look of the glitter.

Make sure the hairspray you get is aerosol and maximum hold, and then spray the inside of the ornament thoroughly (use the same ornaments here you did for the greenery!). Then, pour the glitter inside the ornament and give it a good SHAKE! Linking my fav gold glitters here and here

TIP: You DEFINITELY need a funnel for pouring the glitter into your ornament! I suggest putting down newspaper or craft paper too because it will get messsyyyy.



These are some of my favorites! And SO easy – just make sure you carve out the time to plan ahead! Start by pre-heating your oven to 250°F and then slice 3 oranges – with each slice about 1/8″ thickness. Place on parchment paper (easier for cleanup) on a baking sheet and let them bake in the oven for 2.5 to 3 hours.

Then let them cool on a cooling rack for 30min. Cut a piece of twine about 6-8″ long for each orange slice – however low you want your ornament to hang – while your oranges are cooling. Then, use a sewing needle to poke a small hole through the orange and guide your twine through the middle. Tie at the top and you’re done!




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