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Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

nike airmax for running


nike air max 270

nike airmax 270 happily grey

happily grey nike

nike running happily grey

nike airmax 270 running happily grey running

nike air max 270 orange



There’s something truly remarkable about the feeling I get when I strap on a new
pair of sneakers and take off, destination unknown. Running anywhere feels like an
adventure, and the time alone forces my mind to quiet so that the focus is on my feet
hitting the ground. Going to who-knows- where-doesn’t- matter, and I love it!
I’ve been running in Nikes for as long as I can remember. First on the dirt roads and
black tops back home, and now- through the trails of Tennessee. Every pair seems
better than the last, a new way to get there . . . faster, stronger, smoother. The Nike
Air Max 270 is next level compared to some of my old favorites. The Airbag is a true
innovation and a game changer for me. Mine arrived just in time. It’s crazy gorgeous
weather outside, and I can’t resist a quick test run. XX – M


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