Holiday Gift Wrapping

Friday, December 6th, 2019

I change themes every Christmas, and this year I decided to go with neutral tones for my theme. My inspiration behind it started with this nomadic-style stocking I found on etsy. From there I decided I wanted to pull in a lot of blacks and whites for pops of contrast mixed with earthy tones. I loved the Scandinavian look for holiday – simple with lots of texture and sharp contrasts with greenery mixed in. 

With all the neutral play, I decided to do something more creative and out-of-the box this year for wrapping gifts rather than just buy a festive print (although that has been my go-to in the past!) I bought three rolls of plain wrapping paper in black, white, and a kraft paper. To tie everything together, I added in the black and white Christmas tree paper. If you’re going with neutrals make sure you’re mixing colors and bringing in some prints!

If you want to get SUPER DIY – you can order your own stamps and make your own prints. We ordered a Christmas tree and a star. It definitely takes more time, but I loved the look of the stars. I can totally see this being something fun to do with Navy around the holidays when she gets older.

For the accents, play around with it! I used a mix of twine and a thicker, natural frayed ribbon for the bows, and then tucked in a few cinnamon sticks or greenery – pine and cedar actually work best because they lay flat! I also found these super cute gift tags that tie in perfectly with the theme. Now that I’ve started this tradition with gift wrapping, it’s one I for sure want to continue!




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  1. Amazing! Amazing wrapping!! A debt of gratitude is in order for the Poppins! Looking forward to seeing your new post.

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