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Friday, April 6th, 2018


Something special happens around the hours of 5 and 7pm..bustling streets filled with evening commuters, a quick stop at the market for dinner and fresh blooms…and if I’m lucky, one glass of wine with friends in between the transition from office to home.

Cinq à Sept’s name is inspired by a French term which describes a special time of day linking late afternoon and early evening. Their clothing is created with these golden hours in mind.

Lucky to have gotten my hands on this new collection, Tous-Les-Jours! It features some of the most dynamic silhouettes of this season. Casual, wearable, fresh pieces that still stay true to the brand’s feminine identity. Equal parts modern & romantic.. a match made in heaven.

You guys know I can’t help but love a good sweatshirt… especially during these dreary Nashville afternoons. Cropped and punchy, I especially like this Hudson Hoodie. Boyish with sweet feminine embroidery and just the color play for this loose fitting Twill trouser.. a burnt and bright match I never grow weary of. Refreshing ready to wear eager to be a part of your late-afternoon plans… pieces (and a price!) that are nearly irresistible. Excited to bring these into spring and run around town during my favorite time of day. xx-M


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