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Departing from the 5in cutout wedges halfway through shooting this look was the wisest of choices…not to mention, the safest. Attempting to maneuver over rocks just barefoot alone was already quite the feat.  The cold water rushing around my feet while twirling acting like a child was refreshing and highly entertaining for the camera man.  I’m not sure where to begin with this Free People’s daisy lace…tiered skirting, lace trimming, bell sleeves, and biggest influencer of all, the asymmetrical hemline. No doubt, it will be key summer piece!

PS- the necklace is no longer available at Nordstrom (in trend section), however I listed a few other options ANDDD the dress fits fairly big so I would advise ordering down. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you so so much for reading! Have a great day!



34 responses to “IMPROVISING

  1. Love the look! wanted to ask you, do you have extensions? if so, which ones do you use? Thanks! Your style is one of my fav.

    1. Hi Nadia!! Yes I do!! They are Great Lengths! I actually just interviewed the sweet lady who did them and will be featuring her very soon. She answered several questions that should be helpful! That post should go up in the next week or so. Thanks for reading!! Have a great week! =)

    1. Thanks Heather!! I hope you are doing well! I always love hopping over to your site and getting your latest out! Hope you are doing well!!

    1. Hi Darcy! I actually shot my first hair tutorial yesterday and am working on getting that up…finally!!! My low bun is literally something I twirled around and threw a pony tail around while we were out there shooting pictures. Pure luck honestly. I will do my best to find a tutorial though! Thanks for reading!

  2. Any idea of the name of this necklace? I absolutely love it and aim to scour the internet for it 🙂

    1. Hi Talia! Let me do a little research and I’ll get back with you! It was a gift so it makes it a little tricky! Thanks for reading!

  3. Never comment but I have to say I am buying this dress because of how it looks on you. I saw this online a few weeks ago and thought it looked dreadful but now I know the models just don’t do it justice. Gorgeous photos!

  4. It is safe to say I am OBSESSED with your necklace it is stunning, have you had any luck with your research I would love love love to own one. Thank you .. you’re beautiful I love your site!

    1. Hi Sophie!! I actually called Nordstrom trend department and asked them. They knew exactly the necklace I was talking about, and unfortunately are not getting a reshipment. I am so sorry!!

  5. Hi! I have a quick question. I am IN LOVE with this necklace and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I work at Nordstrom and I have found that even when items are no longer available online, they can still be in some stores if I manually search on the register for them. If you could ( and still have the tag or receipt ), could you give me the UPC on that necklace? I also have a few customers I know would love it. If not, no worries. It may not even be available. But it’s so fabulous I thought it would be worth a shot. 🙂 A customer recently told me about your blog, as they bought that tee shirt with the moon on it from me (I work in the Savvy department). Love how you’re pairing our pieces, your style is fab!

    1. Hi Katie!! I actually had someone else recently ask me this. Unfortunately, I no longer have the tag. I have looked everywhere for it and I think it just got thrown away. I also talked with the Greenhills Nordstrom trend section lady to see if they knew and no one has been able to locate it. I’m so sorry!! She told me they all sold really really quick. If I hear something I will definitely let you know. So glad you found out about Happily Grey…thanks for stopping by!

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