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Friday, May 26th, 2017

LOOM DECOR, loom decor

Few things are more special to me than my home. It’s always been that way, but as my travel schedule increased, my love of being home has grown. This year I bought my first house, and so it’s official Nashville- I’m here to stay!

Now for the settling in part.

As exciting as it can be to decorate a new place and make it your own, it can certainly be overwhelming. Where to begin? It didn’t take me long to figure out how to make mine- textiles! Lovely linens- draped on the dining table, fluffed into cozy pillows on the couch, covering my big beautiful windows . . . these are the things that make the space feel private, intimate, and special.

So, how to?

LOOM DECOR. Local to Nashville, but available anywhere, LOOM DECOR is streamlining the process, making it easy and affordable to have handcrafted textiles and décor in short order. LOOM DECOR offers carefree custom design, window treatments that fit your style and space, curtains cut and sewn to your specifications, table linens that coordinate, pillows the perfect print and pattern . . . all of it ships for free in 2-3 weeks depending upon your needs, sometimes sooner.

Tailored and timeless, my focus was on adding thoughtful, comfortable, cozy, and classic linens, fabrics that would work regardless of the season, no matter the occasion. Dinner with friends, drinks before a night out, a cozy eve in, or a massive blowout bash, it’s time to host.

With a wedding around the corner and lots of reasons to celebrate, I could not be happier with how things turned out. Time to party!




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11 responses to “LOOM DECOR

  1. Such an amazing decor! It’s right on time for me, as I am making my new home in mykonos where everything is crisp white and this decor would suit perfectly! You are right it can be really overwhelming but with your ideas and these wonderful decorations it looks rather simple 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I like the feeling of being in the room with my lover or with cute cats and dogs. Along with the decorations in the room that make me more comfortable, comfortable and love life, that’s what I want after a busy working day.

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