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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

What a CRAZY month of travel! Fashion month is always a whirlwind, but traveling with a newborn is a whole new ball-game! Thank you guys SO much for all of your tips — it made ALL the difference! Thought I would share some of the things I found most helpful flying with Navy these first couple of times. Would love to know what you guys think or any more tips you have for this new mom! We have another trip coming up in a little less than a week (to a place neither Navy OR I have been before – a 17 hour flight!).

  1. Feed during takeoff and landing to help with baby’s ears popping! This really did the trick for Navy – we had zero issues here 🙂
  2. Regulate your supply! Water & sleep are the top things that help you here – so be OVERLY sensitive to water intake and sleep schedule because your supply will definitely be impacted by them – mine for sure was during Paris. We made it through, but gearing up for another big trip, I will be more aware of this!! Quick tips: LiquidIV Water Hydration Packet is a real game-changer, along with Vital Proteins Water.
  3. Airport security and breastmilk…MY BIGGEST FEAR! I read loads of different things online prior and ended up going with this as my plan of action: I only went through security with frozen milk (I took one bag of frozen with me because I was slammed my first day with meetings – but not necessary if you’re going to be with baby!). As long as it’s frozen, they won’t test it and you can refresh your ice once you’re through security. Once through security, I actually pumped and had a fresh bottle on hand in the case I didn’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in flight. A few other tips! If you’re traveling with less than 3oz unfrozen, they won’t test it! Tip 2. If they are testing it, ALWAYS ask them to change their gloves. Tip 3. If you need to heat a bottle in an airport or on a plane, ask for a large cup of hot water. Tip 4. It’s hard to keep bottles and pumping gear clean on long flights, so I’ve been using these Medela Quick Clean Breast Pump Wipes to disinfect. They’re amazing!
  4. For long flights, make sure you reserve a bassinet! And do so ahead of time because they go FAST –there are only two in business and two in economy and once they’re reserved, they’re gone! For shorter flights, an aisle seat is best. Don’t be afraid to get up and walk around. Everyone smiles at the mom who is braving a flight with an infant :).
  5. Always try to request an empty seat next to you on the plane – the extra space is a total game changer.
  6. Give yourself EXTRA TIME. Can’t stress this enough. Everything that I used to do in 5 minutes takes me ten with a baby — and then multiply that when you’re in an airport. It’s just not worth the stress :).
  7. Try and take as little as possible with you on the actual plane itself. I tried to keep my cary-ons to a minimum.
  8. Wear your baby :). I just carried Navy in a baby wrap onto the plane. It made it so much easier to be hands-free.
  9. If you’re flying internationally, your babe WILL need a passport so start this process EARLY! They were sticklers approving Navy James’ photo (you think they’d be a little more understanding considering how hard it is to get a newborn baby’s pic alone!). The process itself isn’t crazy stressful — I suggest getting your babe’s picture taken at the postal service — just be sure to give yourself enough lead time for any bumps along the way.
  10. Buy diapers when you get there (we love honest)! Just take the essentials with you – what you need to get through the flight and then make a quick stop to pick up what you need when you land — it all gets used in the end ;).
  11. Request a crib at your hotel or AirBnB — most all hotels will accommodate you, you just have to ask!  (And make sure they have a fridge/freezer for breastmilk).


I love Walmart because you can grab all of these products online and have them shipped to your house when planning ahead for a trip. They have my favorite brands for Navy and it just makes it easy to be able to get everything we need in one spot and then check it off the list.


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