Thursday, April 6th, 2017



Shedding the bulky winter layers and prepping for crop tops and swimsuits over here. With Coachella and pool days on the horizon, training just got moved to the top of my to-do list.

New gear always motivates. Today I’m trying out a fresh fabric from Lululemon called Nulux, in the Fast + Free Crop. The Lulu fit is always on point for me -comfy and flattering at once.

This Nulux fabric feels weightless. Gentle compression, fast drying, sweat wicking…all that you expect from a true tech fabric, but feeling more like PJs. You can’t really justify skipping the morning runs during travel when your workout wear looks and feels this good. Pressures on! xx M



19 responses to “NULUX

  1. My doctor has told me to rest because of some injuries and it has been over a year now, but this week, they told me I could start again. Your post gave me so much euphoria, haha! Going to buy some new gear to start with my new body shape. 😉


    Limey x

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