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Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Marc Jacobs Box bag

Marc Jacobs Box Bag

Marc Jacobs Box Bag

Marc Jacobs Box Bag

Marc Jacobs Box Bag

All images: Jessica Steddom



Introducing the latest staple that’s perusing Paris by my side and JUST LAUNCHED…Marc Jacobs Box Bag.  Think old-school charm meets modern versatility. Check check.

Who else remembers the days of obsessing over their lunchbox?  Not only did it house the necessities of the day, it was also the chance to make a statement outside the snoozy school uniforms. Thankfully that’s exactly what Marc Jacobs has done!!

Think dual zip closures, subtle soft leather, edge but ease, and weathered color pops. I’m so obsessed with the rubarb color I’ve been wearing it nonstop. Perfect color for fall and easily transitioned day to night!

What you guys think? Fav color?

Want a glimpse of what’s to come this spring?! Watch my stories now to check out my visit to Marc Jacobs today!



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8 responses to “Old-School Charm

  1. Your hair! Can you share any tips for getting this look? The way you’ve styled the bob is fantastic

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