Revival of the Barette

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

From bobby pins to barrettes, headbands to bows, hair accessories are everywhere right now and I’m a BIG fan.  A small statement with big impact . . .it’s a chance to push a look further.  Accessories have a way of defining an outfit, because final touches often matter most.  Lately I’ve been experimenting – I feel strong when I layer metallics, glam when I go for pearlsor crystals, and retro when I frame my face with classic clips.

HG Tip- Placement is everything and don’t overthink it.

Hair Accessories Happily Grey

Fashion meets function with this of-the-moment trend.  It’s not just about how it looks. . . messy hair is tamed, flyaways pinned back,  and sleek looks are suddenly possible. Timeless barrettesmake a simple statements and classic clips elevate even the simplest look.  Runway to reality is easy once you have plenty of options.

Hair Accessories Happily Grey

Two brands doing it right- Valet and Jennifer Behr.  OBSESSED!!  These Valet nude clips add just enough– not too flashy and perfect for using in duplicates.  Layering these together on the side of tousled waves and my look suddenly feels finished.  Valet also has tortoise clips I favor . . . the skinny versionbest of all!  It’s such an easy way to elevate a look instantly.

Jennifer Behr’s take on jumbo pearls is an updated version of a classic clip.  Wearing an oversized edition of something more traditional adds an edge.  Pinning back bangs feels polished and old Hollywood glam.  Scrunchies are back too!  Bold colors and punchy prints add a playful note to a polished look, but beware of a look that’s too youthful.  I wear them low on my head, in buns mostly or loosely wrapped.  Try this leopardor black velvetone,  both from Jennifer Behr.

Hair Accessories Happily Grey

Hair Accessories Happily Grey

What do you guys think . . . fan or not?  Send me all your favorite tips and tricks!




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