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Saturday, March 3rd, 2018




Spring is on the horizon, ladies, and chirping birds and baby blooms have me
eager for a new season. In anticipation of full bloom I’m wearing florals. As often as
I can and with basically everything I own. This new skirt from Rixo has been on
constant rotation!

Rixo is a new discovery that I am suddenly obsessed with. Vintage inspired one-off
pieces are made by an adorable team of twenty-something gals, that met and
partnered in design school. The girls decided that no piece would ever be mass-
produced and that every print would be painted -BY HAND- by them in their London
studio. Such a fashion fairtytale!

This side split midi is in the red ditsy thorn print. The beautiful silk feels amazing
on, and the cut gives a bit of a 70s vibe that I love. Now I just have to demonstrate
some self-control and not by every piece t\hey make for this years round of festivals.


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26 responses to “ROBOTIC FLORAL

  1. Love this skirt! I have been keeping a close eye on Rixo as well, I love the bright colors and ditzy prints for spring, especially paired with something unexpected like this thick sweater and tough boots. Can’t wait to see how to style this for the festivals!

  2. I don’t know why, but this new trend is really freaking me out, I had never seen long skirts with sweaters and, at first, it just didn’t fit in my head at all! But now, honestly, after seeing this outfit, I could wear it for the rest of my life! hahaha

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