Surprise Bridal Shower

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

Our retail manager, Courtney got engaged last month! She and her fiancé are doing a small backyard wedding in September with family and close friends (the best kind)! But the team wanted to do something extra to celebrate.

Sooo….We came up with a master plan for a surprise – a late-night Happily Grey product shoot. We told Courtney to meet us there with product while the team set up an outdoor picnic engagement shower. She was taken completely off guard.

To create our park picnic, we started with an old wooden palette for a rustic table. We went with neutrals – tans and nudes for the setting and LOTS of pillows. We thought it should have a relaxed, Boho feel. Court is more eclectic – amazing style and a great perspective so we wanted the aesthetic to match.

Gramercy & Grace made a minimal daisy flower crown for the bride to be, and pulled in fall tones for the floral arrangements.

We had buratta board, berries, charcuterie and an apple pie for desert…annnndd of course wine :).

So excited for Court – she deserves all the best.




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22 responses to “Surprise Bridal Shower

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