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Somehow I’ve missed adding a rain boot to my footwear collection. I’m not even sure how I’ve gone so long without having one…they are a perfect fall staple! After mulling through tons of styles, I’ve narrowed it down to a strong top ten! I am basically obsessed with almost every Burberry style that Nordstrom has to offer. The mid-calf (one & two) are currently the top contenders. What you think?

Also love these….


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16 responses to “THE FILE: RAINBOOTS

  1. I’m loving number seven, I love the open side.

    Thanks for the post, I’m moving to Portland next year so I’m in the rainboot market too!

  2. I love living in a world that has trendy rain boots! Especially when you live in a city where you NEED them ie. Vancouver. Great finds!

  3. I love ALL of those boots, especially number 8. I love that its Fall season because its not too hot nor is it too cold. I love that I get to bring out my fall clothing and accessories especially my BearPaw boots. I always buy my BearPaws from this cute boutique store a friend told me about. You can check them out on . These are a pair of boots I bought this fall and are beyond comfortable. I almost wear them with everything because I can wear them all day without my feet hurting.

  4. How about ILSE JACOBSEN’s
    Women’s Rub 1 Rain Boot, availabe at Love the red ones!

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