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Saturday, May 13th, 2017


The truth- my head’s in the clouds over here.

The summer is packed with travel, my love is back in Nashville, my house is FINALLY coming together . . . and I’m planning a wedding. Gah!  In short order my life will change in the very best way, and to be honest it’s hard to focus on much else.

But for now-

Today’s look with Coach- a short skirt, a shrunken sweatshirt, a sweet flat and an extra big smile- Roger.  I’m headed to the beach with Revolve for a few days. On order for inflight– naps and daydreaming on the beach . . . THE dress, suggestions welcome!

xx M


39 responses to “TMINUS

  1. Love your outfit! Couldn’t even tell you which piece I like the most. It all looks so nice together.


  2. I love the skirt paired with the NASA sweatshirt! So unexpected and totally cute.
    As for your wedding dress, I designed my own. It was 2 pieces actually. A “wedding skirt” if you will, and a top. You have great style and absolutely have the eye to pull off your own design!
    Tasha Juli

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