Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Election day is coming up! Voting has always been important to me, but has become even more so in this season. Political opinions aside, we have been given the incredible opportunity to engage with what’s going on in our country and our government through the act of voting – and that was NOT always the case!

It wasn’t until the 15th Amendment-passed in 1869-that black men were allowed to vote. Even still, things like poll taxes, literacy tests discouraged black men from voting until the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.

And women still didn’t gain the right to vote.

The 19th Amendment didn’t pass until 1920, giving the women right to vote. 

We talked about as a team what that right means to us and what we’re doing to educate ourselves this year – wanted to share with you guys some of their thoughts. Would love to hear from you guys and actions you’re taking!

It’s our responsibility to use that right. Be informed, make sure you’re registered, and VOTE!



“This year more than ever, Mad and I have felt the responsibility to educate ourselves – on what’s going on around us, on things we might have been blind to because of privilege or because it doesn’t affect us directly…it’s crazy how in that learning process, EVERYTHING has pointed back to laws, policies and legal systems. They have and will continue to influence our communities on every scale. THAT is why voting matters. To undo the wrongs and protect the rights. It’s another way I can advocate and exercise my voice.” – Mary

“Voting for this election is one of the best ways to show up for the people in your neighborhood. Loving people sometimes looks like being an advocate for them with your vote. We have the power and ability to shape our neighborhoods, and as a result, our country with our vote!”  – Jess

“My parents always told me, ‘every election is determined by the people who show up.’ I’m motivated and accountable to become the change I want to see within my community, and that starts with voting.”  – Kenedy

“I truly believe that we no greater responsibility than educating ourselves on what’s happening in our communities and showing up at the polls. There has never been a more crucial time to exercise your right vote! A great resource to check out is I Side With. It is a really helpful and easy way to give you an idea of which policies are important to you and which candidate best represents that belief.” – Courtney

“By voting, we get to be an advocate for the things we believe in and work towards bringing about the change we hope to accomplish through the officials we elect. There is something about being engaged in the process that extends past casting your ballot. You’re participating in the larger conversation – and it’s a conversation worth having!” – Em

Click HERE to register to vote. 



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