Monday, June 3rd, 2019

It’s been almost two years, and I still love reminiscing this day.

Our wedding really was one of the best days for both Mad and me – having all of our family and friends together in one place was something we’ll always hold onto. Your questions made me feel like I got to re-live it all over again :).

1. Did you have a wedding planner? 

Yes! 12th Table (now Mayker) and they were amazing :). I loved them!! They really took my ideas and executed beautifully on everything – here’s the link to their site. The core of their business is in high-end designer rentals. We’ve used them for multiple parties since.

2. Who designed your lace gown? 

Claire Pettibone, but we fully customized the dress! I worked with Karen HendrixCouture – a fairy godmother of couture gown design, she can do anything you want! Karen helped me to fully customize and make my dress unique to me. We had over 12 fittings.

3. Who was your photographer? How did you pick them? 

We ended up having 3 photographers – all street style photographers that I’ve used for my business. We specifically chose not to use a wedding photographer so the photos felt more “photojournalist.”

4. Where did you get married? 

Bloomsbury Farm– small with just our immediate family. It felt incredibly intimate and special, but our reception was at The Cordelle and included 150+ of our extended family and friends. It was a blast. So happy we decided to do it this way. Our amazing videographer was also able to create a video of our ceremony in time for us to play at the reception to connect the two.

5. How did you know Mad was the one? How did you both meet?

We met through my agent at CAA (where Mad is an agent). We discovered the first night we met we were from the same hometown area – I’m actually pretty sure our parents have mutual friends – haha. Things moved really quickly from there. Within three months I knew he was the one. Within seven months we were married. Honestly there was just an ease and clarity from day one. When you know you know – thanks mom!!!

6. What was your inspiration for your wedding gown? 

My grandmother. There is a picture of her in her in a fully laced high neck wedding gown. She was absolutely stunning.

7. Where is your wedding rehearsal jumpsuit from? 

It’s Roksanda. I ordered it two weeks before the wedding – a last-minute add on for a fun twist! I had this vintage CHANEL backpack that I LOVED, and wanted to wear into the getaway car but it didn’t go with my reception dress. So last minute I found this jumpsuit and paired it with the backpack for my exit outfit – SO glad I did!

8. Did you have a budget? Yes. Did you stick to it? No ;).

9. What was the one thing you couldn’t live without doing for your wedding? 

A live band! We definitely splurged on a full horns section – the full shebang. But it was absolutely worth it. Everyone spent the night dancing to live music.

10. Did you diet or do a particular workout routine before your wedding? 

No, I just stuck with my normal routine – nothing too extreme. I did make sure I was drinking tons of water and eating as clean as possible. I don’t think you have to go to extremes during this time…your diet should feel somewhat familiar to your body so you feel healthy leading up to the biggest day of your life! Small tweaks are best!

11. What was something you wish you hadn’t done for your wedding? Anything you wish you hadn’t stressed over? 

One thing mad and I had a hard time agreeing on was if the dogs should be involved or not. But at the time Miles was an untrained puppy, so I shouldn’t have been so hard-headed to push for it ;). I realized Mad was right and we ended up not having the dogs but included them in a fun way – naming drinks after Miles and Allie – a compromise!

For catering we went around and around and changed the menu 5 times!! Ultimately if you book a caterer, trust that everything on their menu will be good and they can handle it.

12. What was your first dance song?

Noah Kahan’s “Sink.” Madison surprised me and Noah actually showed up to play it – perks of marrying a music agent! 🙂

13. What was something you wish you did for your wedding that you didn’t realize you needed?

Honestly, 12th table thought of literally everything. If things went wrong that day, I was never aware. Because of them, the day was golden.

14. Did you do any signature drinks at your wedding?

Yes! We had an open bar and then two special cocktails – The Miles and The Allie ;). Like I said earlier, drinks were a fun way for Mad and I to include Miles and Allie without having them in the wedding.

15. Best wedding planning advice for someone engaged?

Don’t stress the small things. It’s not worth it. We did an “immediate family only” ceremony. It made it intimate and super special, but it also cut costs. We then threw a big party with all of our friends and extended family and showed a video of the ceremony at the reception.

16. Did you exchange our own vows?

We did exchange our own vows! We actually had our vows written on massive 12ft scrolls at the wedding – they looked beautiful.

17. Where is the headpiece from that you wore in your ceremony? 

The headpiece I wore was added an hour before I walked down the aisle. Karen Hendricks – who had helped me customize my dress – drove to Bloomsbury to give it to me as a wedding gift!

18. How many looks did you have? 

Three! My first dress was Claire Pettibone, the second was Pronovias, and the third was Roksanda. I’m actually selling the Pronovias dress here.

19. Did you and Mad surprise each other? 

We did :). My surprise to Mad was an oyster bar at the family dinner – he and his entire family love oysters. He surprised me with Noah Kahan playing our first dance song. He also had a journal that he had written in every day since we had gotten engaged and had given it to my dad to give me when we were in the vintage car on the way to the ceremony.

20. How did Mad purpose? 

I was on a work trip in Copenhagen and Madison tagged along and surprised me with a proposal halfway through the trip in the middle of the street. It was very quiet, quaint – very us. After he asked me – we ate dinner just the two of us. Mad had made a reservation at a great restaurant and we drank champagne the rest of the night :).



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18 responses to “WEDDING Q&A

  1. Absolutely stunning!

    Really trying to purchase your wedding dress on posh but have a few questions I left on the listing! Can you please let me know, super interested!

      1. Hello, tried to contact you about the dress on posh, I cancelled my purchase until I hear from someone, is it still available? I really want to wear this on my wedding day.

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  4. May the love you share become stronger as both of you grow old together. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Happy wedding anniversary!

    I’m thankful to God for sending you in my life. I’m thankful to you for holding my hands forever. Happy anniversary dear! I love you!

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