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Sunday, December 30th, 2018

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Featuring 4 looks with Amazon Fashion today and can’t choose a favorite! From outerwear to casual daytime, an evening out, or date-night in, Amazon Fashion has me covered this winter.

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Jacket Woolrich Coat

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The outdoors/on the go…..

The hat, jacket, bag, and boots are all must-haves for the winter season, especially battling these chilly Nashville temps. Loving the red grid on this jacket– creating coordinates and contrast with the Fall backdrop. To top it off – A cozy knitted beanie.

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The day to night….

I love changing the look of an outfit with a few small adjustments…I’m taking these black skinny jeans from day to night. To keep it casual I chose a comfy sweater– chunky knit + a strong high waist are always good compliments.

The statement blazer….

This particular day I was running from meetings to dinner and a show with Mad – So quickly changed to this Rachel Zoe glitter blazer– SO goood for a night out! Add a red lip and gold statement earrings and GO!

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Dress Norma Kamali

The evening with friends…

This slinky black and white dress is my go-to for my home holiday party this year. The stripes are flattering, and the long sleeves give it an edge. It’s also comfortable enough for some last-minute decorating before friends arrive!

Head to toe, out to in, day to night- Amazon Fashion really has it all. Check out the Happily Grey Amazon Fashion page to shop my 100+ curated picks just for you!



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27 responses to “Winter Wardrobe with Amazon Fashion

  1. I love the Orange Check Jacket on you. However, when I checked it out on Amazon (for myself) it looked awful. I guess it’s one of those jackets that look better on.

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  3. I love your outfit combination, they all look super stunning. I personally love layers, and its perfect for this cold weather.

    || Harmony ||

  4. Nice Blog….Your pics are amazing….
    Its quite interesting, I like your way of explaining it….
    Thanks for sharing it with us….

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