While most of my content covers fashion trends and street style, every once in a while I like to share my latest skincare or beauty discovery. This week I’m really excited!

More so now than ever, skincare is becoming very important in my daily routine. With endless product options and treatments, I often feel lost and overwhelmed understanding what my skin actually needs. Anti-aging products, peptides, moisturizes, hydrators, retinol, vitamin C, and the list goes on and on…

Overwhelmed? Me too!

On my recent trip to Nashville’s SkinCeutical Medi-Spa in Nashville Centre for Laser & Facial Surgery, I was able to get a full assessment of my skin and discuss in detail what products I should be using. Being my first Medi-Spa experience and coming from a nursing background, I really appreciated the medical approach. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a luxurious spa getaway, however learning about SkinCeutical’s medically supported practice has given me clarity and left me really excited to try their products!

While at the medi-spa I received SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restorative facial. Seriously this was the first facial that has truly left my skin feeling so hydrated and radiant. Not only could I see the effects immediately — my skin glowed 2-3 days after as it worked to restore and maximize the concentration of lipids.

Seeing the results of just one time facial treatment has left me excited to try SkinCeutical at home to see even further results — replenish and restore lost hydration, improve dehydration lines, rough texture, and maintain radiance. Hopefully something that can counter my endlessly dry skin!

Have you guys ever used SkinCeutical Triple Lipid Protocol? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with it! xx M


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