Ultimate Guide To Short Hair

Friday, November 13th, 2020

SNIP SNAP SNIPTY SNAP anddd my back to my short bob! I love changing things up with my hair and the long locks were fun while it lasted but at the end of the day I love a strong collar bone shag.

Not only is short low maintenance, it also just feels more unique, especially for my southern roots and blonde hue. Also, if you’re a mom you know the ultimate win is whatever requires less effort and time! Days of hour long glam is loonnggg gone.

Constantly channeling my ultimate French girl muse — street smart and effortlessly dressed, minimal clutter, cleverly accessorized, and a dishelved, shiny bob with fringed bangs whisped to the side. Basically everything Alexa Chung + her the bonus of a British influence. Maybe once day I’ll go for the bang…that is the attentive plan for December! Wish me luck. 

Answering lots of questions below — what I ask for, who I see, what products I use…



1. What To Ask For?

Weighted In Front, Below The Chin

Length is key! About an inch below the chin—weighted in the front. Don’t go overboard with your angle…been there done that and it can go south VERY quickly! Also always bring inspo pictures to help describe what you’re wanting, but be specific. If you like the texture, color, length, part, etc., those are all important things to note. Also, keep in mind your own hair type and texture as your looking at other cuts. My hair is finer and medium thickness, so I try and keep that in mind for the inspo I find!

2. Go-to Products

3. Tools & Tips

Dyson Corrale Straightener

I always let my hair air-dry after I shower and try and play with its natural curl before I style it. It also makes it SO much healthier. Then, I start by sectioning my hair off between top and bottom layers and add in texture, moving my straightener in an S-wave motion—back and forth.  I’m not worried about it being perfect because I like a more effortless look with lots of dimension. The Dyson makes it so easy too because it’s cordless.

Once you’ve hit your bottom section, follow with the top. But again, don’t worry about getting it perfect because it’s supposed to look textured…full tutorial on my IGTV!

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T3 - SinglePass Compact Styling Iron

The T3 is a life-saver for travel! I’ve used this straightener for years now because it’s compact and easier to maneuver. I follow the same process…dividing the top and bottom layers of my hair— and then, taking a section 1-2 inches wide,  I bend the straightener back and forth while moving it down the section of hair (full tutorial on IGTV!). Products are key to completing a textured look! I always finish my hair by running a dime size bit of OUAI pomade through the ends of my hair and finish with a quick mist of texturizing spray.

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