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I hope you are having a great Monday! I’m so excited to be teaming up with Anthropologie today to bring you an exciting giveaway.

I got to choose my favorite scarves…now it’s your turn to do the same! I selected the grey infinity loop because it is very light and can easily be thrown over anything! The soft grey is even more beautiful in person and compliments almost everything. Check out Anthropologie’s other infinity scarves!  I also love the fringed gradation scarf. The perfect square shape initially caught my attention, and the black and white print is a fun addition to a simple tee or under a blazer. I’ve enjoyed my two new scarves…I can’t wait to hear your favorites! 

TO ENTER GIVEAWAY go to Anthropologie’s scarf page and choose one favorite scarf. Leave a comment letting me know what  you picked. The winner will be announced on Friday November 8th and will have he/she’s choice of one scarf! Good luck everyone! Thanks so much for participating! Have a wonderful Monday!

PS- Anthropologie is now we’re running Free Shipping for orders +$150, today through Wednesday with code COZYUP.

*This post is brought to you by Anthropologie; all thoughts and opinions remain my own.



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  1. Infinity scarves are my favorite! It’s hard to choose just one but I love the Fairisle Infinity Scarf.

    1. My favorite (although difficult to narrow down) is the Bimini Garden scarf. I love the vibrant colors/pattern and think it would make a great (and cozy!) statement piece.

    2. Vibrant Garden Infinity Scarf is so pretty!! Love the florals, perfect for spring!

    3. toss up between the honeycomb, dulma, whitetail lodge, northern flicker and nether edge!!! Have to go for Nether Edge, it would brighten any fall or winter day

    4. I definitely have to go with the Nether Edge Scarf. All the colors would go with so many outfits. :))

    5. I love love love the zephra infinity scarf in grey as well. So cozy and so chic all at the same time!

  2. I love the big and cozy blue Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf.

    Thanks Mary and Antrho 🙂


  3. I love scarves with tassels or balls on the end so I’d have to say my favorite one is the spotted paisley square scarf!

  4. LOVING the Piculet Scarf and how it’s styled on Anthropologie’s site. You always have such wonderful giveaways! Crossing my fingers for sure on this one!

  5. I’m obsessed with the Fringed Gradation Scarf. Such a great piece to have in your wardrobe!

  6. I LOVE the Winter’s Wildflowers Cowl in black – so perfect to incorporate some color into neutral fall/winter outfits

  7. I love the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey. Love the detailing! So cute. Hope I win!!

  8. The spotted paisley square scarf is my favorite! The colors and print are perfect for fall!

  9. Nether edge infinity scarf! Could match so many different outfits totally versatile!

  10. What a great giveaway! Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores but I usually can’t afford to pay that much for a scarf. My favorite is the Quatrain Scarf. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  11. The Jewel Dusted Ikat Scarf is my absolute favorite! I am a lover of Anthro and your blog/Instagram!

  12. The Kapital Bandana Scarf. It looks like the type of scarf you can just pick up and wear without much fuss or thought. I love the faded distressed look of the blue with the accent of red. Just beautiful! I would wear this with cargo pants a simple tank and aviators for a safari look!

  13. Definitely the gray infinity loop for me too…it’s such a winter warm color that would look so pretty with a deep brown. Not to mention it looks incredibly soft & light enough for me to wear on those “cold” days here in Texas….where I need just enough to keep me warm but don’t need too much. Cuz let’s be honest, we don’t get too many days below 40 🙂

  14. Loving the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf! It is absolutely beautiful but also looks extremely functional and warm which is perfect for cold days!

  15. My favorite scarf is actually the grey infinity scarf you are wearing in your picture above! Such a beautiful color. I also love the second one you are wearing which is close to my favorite scarf in the store which is the Fringed Gradation Scarf. I love the edgy look! Scarfs are my favorite accessory and I would love to add this one too it!! Love your looks and would love to sport one of them!

  16. I love the bohemian look of the Pasticcio Scarf with tassels on the end. Such a fun way to dress up a plain tee or sweater.

  17. I’m loving that grey infinity loop scarf! The color is perfect to go with everything and it looks light enough to wear even in not so cold winters. 🙂

  18. I adore the Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf in light grey. Cashmere has such a funny way of feeling completely comforting and luxurious at the same time – I can imagine wrapping up in this with a book and a giant cup of tea in front of the fireplace on a cold winter day…and coming from beautiful Colorado…we tend to have a lot of those. Could be dressed up or down…a perfect fall/winter accessory! Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful things!

  19. I LOVE the fringed gradation scarf that you had on in the pictures! Loved how you paired it with the maxi skirt, so cute. Your blog is by far my favorite fashion blog and it gives me so much inspiration on stepping out of the box when it comes to clothes!

  20. The fringed gradation scarf! Absolutely LOVE it! I’d wear it with skinny red jeans and a white shirt!

  21. Zephra Infinity Scarf in Grey! I love your blog and read it everyday! Love your style and would love to wear that outfit in your post above with this beautiful scarf!

  22. The Zephra Inifinity Scarf would go great with any outfit – a perfect accessory to spruce up something plain.

    Thanks for conducting the giveaway!

  23. So many lovely options, but my heart goes to the Coyote Faux Fur Collar. Would be so much to mix n match with! With the perfect lil black dress, or boho chic with a pair of torn jeans!

  24. I am IN LOVE with the Taza Tassel Scarf! My husband just got stationed in Hawaii and we’ll be moving there in July. I feel like this scarf is light enough to still wear in the hotter weather of Hawaii but the dark color also make its it perfect the winter weather! This scarf would be a staple item no matter what the outfit!

  25. My favorites are definitely the Zephra Infinity Scarf and the Vostok Paisley Scarf!

  26. Beautiful looks as usual! Loved how you paired the black & white print with a red printed skirt. You are inspiring me to layer more prints every day 🙂

    Absolutely loving the Duende Dotty Scarf. Fun pop of red & polka dots for holiday/wintery outfits.

  27. Would love to be a bit more clever but the grey infinity loop IS the choice! SO many options. Love the boho look and weight.

  28. I love Anthro’s scarves! I would pick the exact one that Mary is wearing! love it for every season!

  29. My issue with scarves is that they’re my favorite accessory and I’d love every single one. But have to say that the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey is definitely my favorite, because it can be worn in every season and the neutrality make it perfect for every outfit 🙂

  30. Love the infinity scarves they seem to be the new must have accessory The grey zephra looks great…

  31. Love the open weave infinity scarf in cream! It would be the perfect fall/winter final touch with so many looks!

  32. Anthropologie has the BEST scarves! I often give them as gifts and they are always loved. I absolutely love the Zephra scarf. It is so versatile and the colors are BEAUTIFUL.

  33. The colors of the blue flower infinity scarf spoke to me! I really love a light wool scarf with a bold patten to throw on as I head out the door on a cool morning.

    Thank you for featuring scarves this week! It’s also great to see your style featured in short videos by John! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  34. They are all so cute! I especially love the leopard, Kapital Kanji, Riding Holiday and Julian Jacquard…so pretty!

  35. I love the Kapital Neko Scarf and the Abstract Animal Scarf… but I think the Parager Pom Scarf is my favorite!

  36. The Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf in navy is beautiful! I love the neutral colors and fun pattern

  37. The fringed graduation scarf! Would style it with red skinny jeans and a white shirt! (When the weather warms up a little 🙂 )

  38. Love them all! I really like the simplicity of the Plaid Digby scarf though! Fingers crossed!

  39. I adore the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey! So perfect to dress up or down in fall and winter.

  40. So many beauties! I also love the Zephra Infinity scarf in Teal.

    My second favorite is the Norfolk Jacquard.

  41. Oh my word…it was so challenging to choose just one! I would have to say the Fairisle Infinity Scarf though…the volume of it is amazing! Love these photos of you and your outfits 🙂


  42. I love the Filigree Embroidered Loop in blue. I think the intricacy and details are just gorgeous!

  43. In love with the Kapital Kanji wool scarf! The colors and print all wrapped up in a beautiful wool is just cozy weather heaven!

  44. I LOOOOOVE that grey infinity scarf. I have been visiting it in the store for weeks now 🙂

  45. Without a question, the Crinkled Jardin Scarf! I am so loving the cobalt blue trend right now, it’s my favorite color!


  46. I die for that Northern Jasmine Scarf– wait, no the Lavish Collar. I can’t decide!!

  47. Wow, I’m in love with the wine colored Alesund Cowl! I’ve been obsessing over trying to find something just like this, but never thought to check Anthropologie!

  48. I don’t have a single piece of leopard in my wardrobe so I’ve got to go with that. There are some amazing options! I’m also loving the plaid digby scarf.

    As per usual, you look amazing 🙂


  49. Plaid Digby Scarf, the perfect combination of casual yet with modern embellishments. Throw it on with a jean or leather jacket and you are SET!

  50. So many to choose from! My favorite would be the Northern Flicker Infinity Scarf in black, gold, and white. I love the color combination and it looks so soft and cozy.

  51. I love all of them! So hard to pick ONE favorite! I guess if I could only get one I would pick the fringed gradation scarf. Thank you Mary and Anthro!

  52. I love the Interlaken Infinity Scarf
    It would go perfectly with my new mittens!

  53. I LOVE scarves…I’m dying over the Pasticcio Scarf! So cute. And I adore anthro. thanks for the chance to win! eek!

  54. So many nice scarves, but if I had to pick a favourite……it would be the quatrain scarf 🙂

  55. All of the scarves are beautiful. I’ll have to go with The Leopard one though 🙂 Thanks Mary!

  56. My favorite is the Fringed Graduation Scarf! I’m moving from LA to NYC in a couple of months, and need to grow my scarf collection!

  57. I LOVE the Sancerre Dotted Infinity Scarf, but it is really hard to choose just one! I love them all! 🙂

  58. I LOVE the Sancerre Dotted Infinity Scarf, but it is really hard to choose just one! I love them all!!

  59. My favorite place to buy to fabulous scarfs is def Anthropologie, I own at least three different ones from there and can’t get enough, I love the Sylvan paisley scarf, beautiful color.

  60. I love the Zephra Infinity scarf in grey. The way you styled it is perfect and it would be a staple in my winter wardrobe. Scarfs are one of my favorite accessories.

  61. The Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf in Red is beautiful! Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  62. I love the Alesund Cowl. I love faux fur in the winter time and especially love this rich wine color!

  63. The Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf in Red would be the perfect accessory for this holiday season! Love all the different styles, textures, and fabrics of all their scarves, but this one stuck out to me the most. Thank you for the chance! xx

  64. It was hard to pick just one favorite but I love the “Brushed Paisley”
    Fun giveaway!

  65. LOVE all Anthro scarves, but my pick is the Northern Flicker Infinity in the Black/White/Camel……just looks so chic and classic & would be perfection for our chilly Northern winters!! 🙂

  66. Love your blog!!

    I would totally pick the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey 🙂 Because I’m just happily grey that way 😉

  67. They are all beautiful but I’ll have to go with the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf. Love the colors!

  68. Blue Flower Infinity Scarf
    Why: I love the uniqueness of this Anthropologie scarf. There are so many colors- you could play up the reds with berry lips in the fall and winter. The floral pattern would be a great contrast against a patterned coat or a fantastic pop of color against a classic black coat.

    Thank you for this festive contest!

  69. Call me “madam mix a lot” but I love the whitetail lodge infinity. The contrasting textures and patterns are to die for!

  70. The Jacquard Garden scarf is beautiful! Love the vintage appeal. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  71. The sunup ridge scarf is one of my favorites! Love the tribal look to it! Anthropologie is amazing!

  72. My favorite Anthropologie scarf is the Pasticcio Scarf! I’m in love with the different fall colors and patterns in it! The patchwork and tassels make it unique and fun.

  73. Obsessed with infinity scarves and I’ve had the Lahti Tasseled Infinity Scarf in blue on my wish list for a month! I also would hate owning the Vienna Infinity Scarf or the Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf in any color! Is it possible to choose just one!?

  74. Grey Zephra Infinity Scarf is my absolute fave! Need for my fall wardrobe!!! Thanks Mary and Antrho! XOXO

  75. There are so many beautiful to choose from! I think I like the Clairvaux scarf best! What a cool give-away!

  76. Going to have to go with the Fairisle Infinity Scarf because I am a Mississippi State fan and my boyfriend is a Tennessee fan! This scarf can go both ways!

  77. Absolutely love the grey scarf you picked– Zephra Infinity Scarf. Also love the tealish/blue one that’s on their site. Nothing better than a scarf that goes with everything for the fall/winter.

  78. Love this leopard scarf and it would be amazing to win because friday is my birthday!! 🙂

  79. OMG I love the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf!! It’s the perfect scarf to wear with my cowboy boots!

  80. I love the “Brezza Scarf” because it’s so versatile. I can wear it as a summer scarf or pair it with jeans, boots and a cute sweater.

  81. Loving the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf! Perfect with jeans, boots, and a cozy sweater for fall 🙂

  82. hey hey hey!!

    I’m loving the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey…it looks fantastic!

  83. Such a difficult choice! I’d say my top two favs are the Marled Fringe Infinity Scarf and the Basel Fringe Cowl!

  84. I have LOVED the Fringed Gradation Scarf since i first saw it on your blog! Such a great staple over any outfit.

  85. I had such a hard time picking just one, but I think I’d have to go with the Norfolk Jacquard Infinity Scarf! LOVE!

  86. So many gorgeous scarves it’s difficult to choose one favorite! The bright lights scarf would be my choice to add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit for my daughter in which she would be so surprised!

  87. All my favorites rolled into one!!! Happily Grey, Anthropologie, and scarves!!!! I LOVE THE NORTHERN FLICKER INFINITY SCARF soooo much!!!! 🙂 Love this giveaway!!!!

  88. I love the Libellule Chevron scarf! It would be soooo cute paired with a white oversized sweater!

  89. Great minds think alike! I’m obsessed with the Zephra infinity scarf in grey! I have been wanting it for a few weeks now, so excited you’re doing a give away!

  90. The tasseled blueprint scarf is elegant with a middle eastern touch. Beautiful and dreamy!

  91. I couldn’t choose just one! LOVE ANTHROPOLOGIE! I like the 1. Hecate Velvet Loop and 2. Coyote Faux Fur Collar and Loved the gray infinite you chose! Did I mention I love Anthropologie?

  92. I love a great neutral scarf that you can throw on with many fall/winter/spring outfits! My favorite is the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey!

  93. I absolutely adore the colors and textures in the Hecate Velvet Loop Scarf, but the Whitetail Lodge Infinity Scarf was definitely a close second. I never knew Anthro had such beautiful scarves!

  94. I would pick the velvet flocked triangle scarf. Vibrant and love the different texture that makes you stand out.

  95. I love the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf in blue. The texture is amazing and I’m in love with the color palate.

  96. Wow! Hard to choose…they have such beautiful scarves! I’ve never been able to afford shopping at Anthropologie…as much as I’ve always loved their stuff! My fingers are double-crossed! I love the pop of color on the Velvet Flocked Triangle Scarf…I’d wear it year-round!

  97. the “Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf” is the perfect fall scarf for gameday in Oklahoma

  98. The Northern Flicker infinity scarf in black and white has been on my Christmas list for 2 weeks now!

  99. I’m loving both of these looks! My favorite anthropologie scarf right now is the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf in navy!

  100. The Zephra Infinity scarf in grey is super cute. The shade is perfect for fall/winter while the tassels and perforations give it a perfect balance of texture.

  101. Jewel Dusted Ikat Scarf is lovely! Add it to any basic tee to give an outfit a great pop of color!

  102. My favorite is definitely the Fringed graduation scarf. I saw it on you in a past post and have had it my cart ever since! What a great giveaway!

  103. I love the Piculet Scarf, I love the print and size. I think the feathers add an interesting texture & look.

  104. I have been wanting the sayre infinity scarf for long time! Even though it’s warm weather one, I’m in love!

  105. Love all of Anthropologie’s scarves, but the Whitetail Lodge Infinity Scarf is my fav!!!

  106. The Velvet Flocked Triangle Scarf! It would be my first tiny step onto the velvet bandwagon 🙂 The plaid, the fringe, the shape…perfect

  107. I have been in love with the Fairisle Infinity Scarf for so long, but would be grateful for anything! Thank you so much!

  108. It was SO hard to choose! I love so many of the them. The most special for me is the Marled Fringe Infinity Scarf.

  109. Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey (or even blue if grey sells out) I don’t typically try to copy others, but it looks so lovely on you and is such an easy-going, no fuss style while still pulling of fantastic 😉

  110. Awesome giveaway! And a huge fan of the blog:) I love the Geo-for wool scarf- the burgundy is perfect for fall/winter and the polka dots adds a fun whimsy touch!

  111. I love the plaid digby scarf in pearl!!! I was kinda scared when I heard plaid was a staple this season, but now I have to have it in my wardrobe!

  112. I love the faux fur collar because its too fine for words. It’s not what I would normally buy, but if I were winning it . . . well, that would be amazing! It’s just a stellar piece!

  113. I love the grey Infinity loop scarf. It’s the best. You’re the best. I hope I win! Pick meeeee! Love you 🙂

  114. I also love the grey infinity loop…grey is my fave color and the whole reason I started following your blog…happily grey:)

  115. I’m loving the Nether Edge Scarf.
    It has amazing texture and can be thrown on with anything, dress it up or down. It’s gorg!

  116. I LOVE the Cashmere Fledgling Scarf. I work at an art museum and it reminds me of one my favorite paintings 🙂

  117. My vote must go to the fringed graduation scarf. So beautiful! You have excellent taste!

  118. The color report cowl in coral! So Beautiful to go with browns and blacks! A great scarf to add color to most of us neutral “wearers” during the dreary, gloomy days!

  119. It’s so hard to choose just one…but I must admit the Coquelicot infinity scarf catches my eye.

  120. In love with the Leopard Scarf! Perfect for spicing up any outfit, especially when I want to give my Sam Edelman leopard flats a break 🙂 Also love the grey infinite loop scarf you feature in the photos. I have a similar one from last season in a gorgeous coral color!

  121. Love the safari park cashmere scarf! Just moved to the northeast from Cali so I’m going to need it!

  122. I LOVE the grey infinity scarf you are wearing!! Love that it’s not too heavy since I live in Texas where we don’t need heavy scarves that often 🙂

  123. In love with the Fairisle infinity scarf, it will be perfect over a black ensemble for winter!

  124. I love the Azoto Scarf! It is such an interesting eclecticism of patterns and has an exotic cultural appeal to me. Love.

  125. I absolutely adore the Jewel Dusted Ikat Scarf! Would love to have it! Love your blog too!!!

  126. the jewel dusted ikat scarf!! the colors are a great way to brighten up a winter outfit!

  127. I love the Tasseled Blueprint scarf. The fringe is so fun and the pattern is clean and really pops. I love the way it lays when thrown on. Simple, effortless accessory. Thank you for the opportunity!

  128. Not to be a copycat, but I really like the gray one you’re wearing — Zephra Infinity Scarf!

  129. Hands down the Fringed Gradation Scarf!!!! I’ve been coveting it since you featured it in a post a month or so ago!!

  130. Loving the blue Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf! The grey fringed scarf from the picture is GORGEOUS as well.
    So difficult to pick just one…


  131. My favorite is most definitely the Plaid Digby Scarf!! So perfect for Fall and into the holidays. Could picture this being worn with a great red top/white wool skirt, tights and boots!

  132. I adore the Riding Holiday Scarf. Makes me want to giddyup for the colder months. <3

  133. I love the FRINGED GRADUATION SCARF. I’m a sucker for fringe and how it makes me feel young and free.

  134. oh, the riding holiday scarf is a must. black and white with a great graphic print. swoon.

  135. The Jewel Dusted Ikat Scarf!

    The name is just as beautiful as the look! The colors, the jewels, the width, the length – everything. Truly a unique and stunning find.

  136. Fairisle Infinity Scarf seems so warm and cozy 🙂 I love the patterns and colors on that scarf

  137. I think the Flowerets Infinity Scarf is so fun! Nothing better than a colorful scarf paired with winter neutrals. Thank you for the opportunity!

  138. My favorite is the Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf in light grey. It’s just beautiful and my favorite word of all time…versatile!!

  139. Hi There! I’m Lisa. I am in the heart ultrasound program at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls, OR so when I saw the “heart collector scarf” i knew it was a winner!! It is SO COLD here and I could use a warm, cute scarf. Thank you so much!!

  140. I love the cashmere bandana scarf. It reminds me of a blouse I had back in the 70’s!! I love the retro look and it would look great with most of my wardrobe. 🙂

  141. Dotted Giardini Infinity Scarf! Love the texture and colors! (since you already claimed the grey infinity loop)

  142. I LOVE the Zephra Infinity Scarf in GREY! So beautiful and soft-looking. Super Versatile!

  143. I would love the Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf in red or grey. Looks so light, soft and cozy!

  144. I love the grey scarf featured above (couldn’t find it on On their site I love the Shadow Open Weave Scarf.

  145. Oh my stars…the Zephra scarf is beyond amazing! Thank you for the chance to win it!

  146. I’d have to say the Basel Fringe, although I’d love the Taza Tassel or the Starry Banner!

  147. Hands down in love with the Zephra Infinity scarf you are wearing. Can’t think of a better piece to compliment an outfit!

  148. I too love the grey infinity loop scarf, but my favorite is the Nether Edge Scarf, so many colors, it will match with everything!

  149. My favorite is the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf! So beautiful for Fall and the perfect thick fabric too!! I also really love the Brezza Scarf! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, such a great idea!

  150. There are so many amazing scarves! But I would have to go with the Northern Infinity Flicker scarf!

  151. I love the testavere cape. You could bunch it up and it would be such a cosy scarf as well!

  152. I have been lusting after the fringed gradation scarf ever since you first wore it in your other post! I love that scarf!

  153. I would love the Zephra Infinity scarf in grey! It would go great with so many different colors!

  154. It’s so hard to pick. I’m loving the Fringed Graduation scarf and Kiku Scarf. The colors are just beautiful.

  155. The Fairisle Infinity Scarf is the perfect accessory to keep me warm this winter! Thank you so much Anthropologie and Happily Grey for the chance to win!

  156. I too love the grey Zephra Infinity Scarf. It looks soft and entirely wearable, especially with the softer grey and navy tones I love for fall. And the way you have it styled is impeccable, so that helped make my decision all the easier!

  157. I am head-over-heels in love with the Kapital Kanji wool scarf- such colours and textures!
    However you and anthro also had me at the grey zephra infinity scarf! lovely texture and detail too.

  158. Well, I must say that the Fairisle Infinity Scarf caught my eye, especially with the chilly Autumnal evenings ahead.
    Perfect with a chunky knitted jumper and leggins.
    Thanks for the opportunity! xx

  159. I love the Fairisle Infinity Scarf and the Piculet Scarf! The detailing is so beautiful on each of them, I couldn’t decide which I liked more!

  160. Oh my word, it’s a total toss-up between the Paisley Bungalow and the Tassled Blueprint!

  161. How can you choose just one?! They’re all beautiful. But I’m definitely loving the fringed graduation scarf.

  162. The Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf in blue (lighter blue) is my pick! Also happy to have just come across your blog- lots of beautiful styles and inspirations!

  163. My favorite is the fluttered cashmere cocktail scarf. I love the red color, it’s simple but would look beautiful all bundled up!

  164. I’m in love with the Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf. The colors are just so incredibly bright and beautiful. I’d wear it with neutrals to make it really pop.

  165. The Campagna Marled Pom Scarf makes me happy…amazing turquoise poms! Perfect for Colorado cold. 🙂

  166. Obsessed with the grey zephra infinity scarf, seems like such a staple for my cold weather wardrobe. x

  167. ooooohhh!!!! The Kapital Kanji Wool Scarf in blue is AMAZING! I would die to own it! 🙂

  168. The Northern Jasmine Scarf could not be more beautiful and it would go with everything!

  169. the Whitetail Lodge Infinity, hands down. thanks for the opportunity! of course, it’s so hard to pick just one!

  170. I am loving the Jewel Dusted Ikay Scarf! It has so many colors that will go with a variety of outfits. I also like the grey infinity loop scarf because it’s so cozy and versatile. 🙂

  171. The Quatrain Scarf gives me life!! <3 it will go with anything! Like a graphic tee, boyfriend jeans and ankle boots, that would be perfect!

  172. I absolutely adore the zephra infinity scarf in grey! Fun and classy:) anthropologie is the best!!!!!

  173. Just moved here from the UK so the Fluttered Cashmere Cocktail Scarf seems like the perfect thing to keep me cozy in the colder US winters!

  174. I love the Zephra Infinity Scarf in grey!! I love the texture and details! So pretty!!!!

  175. Checked Garden Scarf. Silk, flowers, grey–a trio of elements I can’t get enough of–and then to put them together into a scarf with just a touch of antiquity, perfection.

  176. I LOVE the Jacquard Garden Scarf
    ! Even though its winter, so fun to bring warmth to the cold with beautiful warm flowers 🙂