Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

I can hardly believe it!  We are just a one month away from meeting our sweet baby girl!!! Mad and I just got back from spending time at the beach with family, and there have been several moments where we’ve looked at each other in total disbelief that the next time we’re in a place like this, we’ll have a brand new member as a part of the equation :). We’re feeling ALL the emotions at once – excited, happy, nervous, sentimental – for the last few moments that it’s just us two. The full spectrum 🙂

Thank you all so much for being so encouraging to us along the way. It means everything. I LOVED reading your questions – because the closer I get to being a mom, the more I realize how much we’re all in this together – so here we go!!!

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  1. What are your maternity fashion/clothing tips? So hard to find cute maternity clothes!

Solids are your friend :). I wear a ton of black. I’ve also been living in billow-y everything, it’s perfect for warmer temps and balmy weather.  For swimwear, a two piece is better – one pieces end up looking like tents.

2. How have you stayed in shape while pregnant? You look great!

I’m definitely not as active as I used to be. Instead of sticking to a workout regimen, I’ve just been listening to my body and seeing what feels right. That said, I ran a lot in the beginning with low-weight training. In the third trimester, I’ve been doing a lot of Barre (low weight with high reps). In the last few weeks, just walking feels like a workout, ha! Mad and I will go on evening walks, about 4-5 miles at a fast pace.

3. Baby names you considered but won’t end up using?

We love boy names for girls. We almost landed on Owen and loved the name Walker too. Some other names we also considered for a girl: Elton, Duncan, Dane, Miller, Stella and Lennon. For a boy: Brooklyn, River, Maddox and Wilder.

4. How do you feel about giving birth? Scared? Ready? Excited?

Ready. Excited. Of course a little nervous 😉

5. How did you know you were ready to start trying?

I’ve been ready since I was 19. Ha! Having kids has always been a lifelong dream. Mad and I knew we wouldn’t wait long.

6. What has your pregnancy diet been like? Any cravings?

No major cravings. I’ve just tried to eat as clean and balanced as I can – honestly pretty similar to my day to day diet non-pregnant. I’ve definitely been hungrier in the second and third trimester. However, it’s uncomfortable to eat a lot in one sitting, so I snack all day.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Kid wise? We are both from big families and envision three-to-four kids. I’m 31, so we’re likely going to try to do them back to back. Right now, THAT SOUNDS CRAZY. 10 years – good question!  Hopefully still in Nashville with an evolving business and lots of kids AND Great Danes!!! One of our big long-term goals is a lake house – I’d love to have a place our kids have memories going to growing up.

8. When will we know Baby Lee’s name?!

Once we have her 🙂 Hopefully in less than 4 weeks!!!

9. How much weight have you gained?

To date I’ve gained 28lbs. Hoping to stay under 35lbs, but just trying to do what feels the best and is most healthy for my baby and my body.

10. What are some symptoms you’ve experienced that have surprised you?

Extreme exhaustion. That’s been the hardest for me – I’m used to working late and going 1000 miles an hour. Laughing actually feels better too, to relieve some of the pressure you’re carrying – haha. And Nasal congestion – I’m ALWAYS congested!!!

11. Do you have any baby registry tips?

We used Baby List – it was awesome. It allows you to register at any store rather than just one or two.

12. Will you get a nanny?

Yep – we’ve already hired someone to help part time since both of us have full-time jobs (and sometimes more than that).

13. How will HG change when the baby arrives? Do you plan on showing her much / including her?

I definitely plan on including her in some of the content and sharing my journey as a first-time mom. The core content will remain the same. You’ll just see more lifestyle moments.

14. Any tips on traveling while pregnant? Do you still plan to travel when the baby comes?

S L O W  D O W N. I’ve kept my schedule a lot lighter since traveling while pregnant. We do plan on traveling with the baby – I’m breastfeeding so she’ll be traveling with me in Sept. Oct, and Dec. on a family vacation.

15. Pregnancy items you couldn’t have lived without?

Baby Beats!!! They’re headphones for your belly. We listen to music and you can record things too. Pregnancy Pillow – also a game-changer. And T.E.D. Hose – T.E.D. Hose are great with circulation and varicose veins – one of the things that has come up that isn’t so pretty 🙂



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    1. yes, I also definitely plan on including her in some of the content and sharing my journey as a first-time mom. The core content will remain the same. You’ll just see more lifestyle moments.

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