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Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

I can hardly believe our sweet Navy James is almost THREE weeks old!!

We’re treasuring every moment with our little lady. These past few weeks have been the sweetest time getting the chance to settle in as a family of five – can’t forget big brother and sister;). They have been SO good with her.

One of the questions I got asked most during pregnancy was how to dress the bump. You guys have been so kind sharing encouragement and wisdom in this new season of life so I thought I’d pass on some tips from what I’ve learned along the way ;).

I didn’t end up spending a lot of money on maternity wear. I shopped low to middle price-range, and re-wore because you can always style a look up with higher end accessories. I still wore clothes I loved during pregnancy – just size up and pay attention to how your body is changing. More tips below!!



W R A P  I T  U P  – 

A wrap is the perfect way to add textured layers to a look – and also great for controlling temperature whatever the season;). It’s easy to throw on for a put together look – wear it over pants or a dress!!


In this Photo

In this Photo

M A X I  D R E S S

Dresses were my best friend during pregnancy!! I love the flowy movement of a long dress – great for comfort and offers a nice breeze to keep you cool :).

Look for dresses that have a natural seam at the chest – this will give structure to your bump. Once I was farther along, I played with dresses that were a little more form-fitting. PLAY UP YOUR BUMP! Don’t feel the need to hide it – SHOW IT OFF!


S H O R T  A N D  S A S S Y

As the bump got bigger – the dresses got shorter ;). I love the movement of a short summer dress, and SO versatile!! Pair a tunic with jeans and style as a shirt or wear it on its own and make it a dress!!



When it comes to swimwear, I preferred wearing two-pieces once I was farther along. I feel like the two-piece gives you confidence to play up the bump, rather than try and hide it. And let’s be honest – it’s more COMFORTABLE!

Way less itchy than having the extra fabric rub against you when your skin is already stretching.


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