Indie’s Birth Story

Friday, May 7th, 2021

He’s here! Indie Lawless Lee, born March 3rd 12:15PM 7 pounds (exactly), 18 inches long.

Our hearts have never been more full. He is tiny and perfect in every way and we are so in love. It’s true what they say about boys and their mommas…it’s a connection like no other…precious, sweet, and overwhelming in the best way. I’m so grateful for a safe delivery and healthy baby!


Indie’s original due date was March 13th but like so much of my pregnancy, I faced some hurdles and ultimately parted ways with my VBAC plan. If there’s anything my first delivery taught me it’s that I have zero control. I was at peace with that, the priority was for 

Thankfully I’d already made peace with either delivery knowing that I truly have zero control. When thinking through a birth plan, focusing on the health of the baby was always the priority and I soon found out that would mean another C-section.

At 37 weeks I had excruciating tooth pain…literally I went from 0 to 10 overnight making sleep and almost any task impossible. Unfortunately, pain relievers and all natural therapies provided zero relief. After seeing a dentist and oral surgeon I quickly learned the pain was due to an accessed tooth that needed to be extracted!!  After multiple consults with my OBGYN, dentist, and eventually my DDS, they attempted to pull the tooth TWICE. Unfortunately they were unable to do it safely due to the severity of the infection and lack of ability to use normal anesthetic while pregnant.

The plan was to wait it out and pull the tooth after Indie was born. However the less sleep I got and the more prolonged the pain became, the harder each day was. When I went in for my 38 week ultrasound we discovered my fluids were really low, likely all from the infection and ongoing stress. I had been feeling immense pain and stress myself, so I wasn’t surprised it affected Indie as well. Because of this my OBGYN wanted to take indie the very next day. I left that appointment with a scheduled C-section in T-minus 24 hours. Although much sooner than we planned, I was excited to meet Indie and so relieved he was healthy….andddd I could finally get my tooth pulled!



My OBGYN, Dr. Crowe at St. Thomas Midtown hospital, did my first (and second) C-sections – she’s a rockstar! Surgery took about 20 minutes, everything went smoothly and aside from the initial pain and soreness, I felt great. My milk came in on the morning of day 3 (so thankful!!), we went home within 48 hours, and Navy was able to meet Indie at 2 days old!

Aaannnd the fun part…the Monday after my C-section I had oral surgery to have my abscessed tooth extracted and grafted. Honestly, the pain of surgery and recovery was worse than my C-section, but I had immediate relief and felt even better that following day. PRAISE JESUS…tooth pain is no joke!

Introducing Navy and Indie was one of my favorite moments of life!! She was obsessed from the second she met him, ecstatic and in disbelief, calling him “my bebe, my bebe, my bebe”. 100% thought we brought him home to be her baby -HA! She calls him “Innie-boy” and loves singing to him, pushing him around in the stroller, and giving him tons of smooches. I was a complete mess watching my TWO kiddos meet and I can’t wait to watch them grow up together! This video of them meeting will forever be one of my favorites =))

Through the highs, lows and pains that my body experienced through the journey of pregnancy I’m grateful to it for creating new, precious life! Indie is here, his big sis is obsessed and we are so thankful for a healthy baby, a smooth delivery and our little family of FOUR.


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