My 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

I LOVE the holidays. This year having Navy has made everything even more special. From getting the tree, to putting up the lights, and it being Mad and I’s first Christmas as a family in our home – it’s been fun to plan out how we will host and decorate – from where we will put up the tree to what kind of stockings we’ll get. 

But gifts can be hard – as much as I love to give them! I feel like there is alwayyyss that one person on my list who stumps me!! So I put together a list of some of my top picks for the people I love (along with a few things I’ve been eyeing :)) to make it easier on myself this year and thought I’d share!



for Me…


for Mad…



for Navy…



for a friend…



for the pups…



for team HG…



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8 responses to “My 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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  4. I saw you included Essie nail polish in your list! Absolutely LOVE their polish (dries super quick and looks great for at home application) and their color selection is amazing! Great choice to add to this list!

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