Navy’s First Birthday

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Navy girl is ONE!!! We had been going back and forth on whether or not to have a party and decided last-minute to do something small and outdoors to celebrate with family and close friends. Everyone warned us this first year would go quick, but there was no way to prepare for how fast it would fly by.   

I had debated doing a few different things for the party – one of my favs was a denim theme where everyone would be in denim…even the cake! But I ultimately landed on more of a boho feel. I have been really drawn to earthy tones – deep browns, tans, muted pinks and peaches, and it felt fitting for Navy. Our florals really helped tie in our color scheme and theme – cannot speak highly enough about Petals and Pop – we had five arrangements, two large and three small that we scattered throughout the party to tie everything together and make it flow.

I had a vision of doing some kind of balloon garland, but wanted it to have more of a matte and monochromatic feel. We used BCT balloons and she was amazing at really bringing that vision to life. We did a garland outlining the tent outside as guests walked up, but last-minute also add a garland to Navy’s high-chair to give that space more of a moment. 

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Florals Petals & Pop

In this Photo

Furniture Rentals Mayker

Our Mayker fam helped us with the furniture rentals again and did an amazing job at making the outside flow into our music room by setting up an outdoor dining and lounge area. Everything they do is AMAZING and I work with them on almost every event. 

Behind Navy’s high-chair, we re-used the photos I had framed from her smash cake and collaged them on the wall with heavy duty command strips. I envisioned it being a memory wall for Navy of all her favorite places and people. I used the rest of the unframed photos to scatter around the tables for decoration.

Mad and I got Navy these name blocks as a birthday gift, but I loved that we could also use them as decoration too. 


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Cake Ivey Cakes

For the cake, I wanted something to go along with our boho theme. I had seen examples of fringe cakes and wanted to tie in some of our color themes from – Ivey Cakes went completely above and beyond! The cookies – from The Sweet Link – tied in a lot of those earthy pinks, browns, peaches and tans. But I had them down in really fun geometric shapes to give them a mod feel. 

It was THE BEST day celebrating our girl and we’re so thankful to everyone who made it happen. Even the weather held out for us :). Nashville was supposed to have rain all day (and we scrambled to prepare last minute!) but instead the sun held out. Sharing all details on the party below!



Balloons // BCT Balloons
Cake // Ivey Cakes
Catering // Callie McMillin Shell
Charcuterie Board // Cheese Gal
Cookies // The Sweet Link
Florals // Petals & Pop
Furniture Rentals // Mayker



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11 responses to “Navy’s First Birthday

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  2. This party makes my so excited to paln my little boy’s upcoming first brithday in October. Thank you for sharing. I think I am definitely going to use the black and white photo wall! So beautiful.

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