Newborn Essentials

Monday, March 8th, 2021

Alright guys here it is!! Sharing my go-to NEWBORN ESSENTIALS. Everything I’ve learned with my first and all the recommendations and advice I’ve rounded up from my closest mom friends! 

Being a first time mom can feel DAUNTING and overwhelming, but experiencing it together with a close community of fellow mothers makes worlds of difference. No one else is going to care to sit around and talk breast pumps, best diaper genie, or the countless stroller options…not even your hubby as much as he tries! It’s these relationships that carried me through those first 3 months and kept me sane and I’m excited to pass along everything I learned/everything we used! 

If there is something you’ve used and loved that isn’t on this list let me know and I’ll add! Sharing is caring =)



  • Baby Brezza – amazing formula dispenser that will save your life – like a Keurig machine for formula. It’s a MUST.
  • Plenty of burp cloths – I have soooo many of these muslin ones and can never have enough.
  • Boppy pillow – amazing for feeding, even if you aren’t nursing. It’s a little awkward when they are SO LITTLE, but still really helpful – Mad loves it too.
  • This lounger pillow is great for napping wherever.
  • Bottles – I would recommend having a couple of options on. hand. We used Avent Glass and loved it but every baby is different. At first all you need is the 4oz bottle with size 0 or size 1 for nipples.
  • UPANG sterilizer – we still use this all the time! It uses UV light to sterilize not just bottles but breast pump gear, remote controllers, keys, phones…. literally EVERYTHING
  • Elvie Pump – SO excited to use this breast pump!! Love that it is hands free and SILENT – I’ll give more tips once I start using it =))
  • LaVie Lactation Massager – I’ve seen such a difference using this while breastfeeding. It helps improve my milk flow significantly!  



Newborn Sleep

  • Muslin blankets – you’ll use these SO much, and will never have too many
  • Swaddles – we swaddled for the first three months and will do so with baby boy. We always have a couple of these on hand. I have used a couple of different swaddles and OLLIE World swaddles are my favorite.
  • Head support pillow – no one told us about this early on but it’s a MUST – when babies are in the newborn phase this helps prevent flathead — Navy slept with this until we stopped swaddling.
  • DockATot – Navy slept in this for the first 3 weeks and also napped in it a TON.
  • Hatch + Sound Machine – A little pricey but so worth the investment. It can be battery powered and has an extra audio monitor if needed for travel, which I love!
  • Nanit Baby Monitor – SO convenient. Nanit connects to an app so I can see/hear in the nursery from my phone, all the time. 
  • Lollipop – makes a great travel option for a baby monitor. It is super easy to connect and hooks onto a crib or literally anything!


  • Wipe Warmer – I didn’t think we would need one at first but it makes such a difference for diaper changes!
  • Hatch changing table – something I didn’t have for Navy but ordered for baby boy. I love that it’s a changing pad and a scale so I can track how he is growing. 
  • Diaper Pail – a must for alllll the diapers you’ll be going through with a newborn. This one was recommended to me by a few mom friends because it ACTUALLY contains the smell! 
  • Triple Paste AF – while not technically for newborns this stuff is AMAZING! It cleared up Navy’s first diaper rash so fast. Not an everyday cream or for prevention but good for relief once your baby already has a rash. Past that we only ever use Aquaphor
  • Diapers
    • For the first month you’ll be changing your newborn about 20 times a day so Pampers Swaddlers are best because they hold everything in.
    • Once your baby becomes more regular Honest diapers are my favorite.


  • Newborn Detergent– a soap gentle enough for newborn laundry. I wash all baby clothes, swaddles and blankets in it and sometimes wash even my clothes because I spend so much time holding/wearing the baby close to my chest.
  • Baby Carrying
    • I used cotton baby wraps with Navy, which I plan to wear with baby boy too (great for hands free carry)
    • As a post newborn carrier we used Baby Bjorn and ARTIPOPPE
  • Nose Frida– I swore I wouldn’t use this but I DID and A LOT – great to get all the stuff out of baby’s nose so they can breathe better
  • Pacifiers – similar to bottles, you’ll want to have a few options


Newborn Book Resources

Some of my favorite, must read books for new moms…

  • Moms On Call – Quick easy read for sleep training and more! We followed this with Navy and she was sleeping through the night by 4 weeks.
  • Happiest Baby on the Block – so helpful for learning ways to calm a newborn when they’re upset — I recommend this book to all new mommas!
  • Latch – Great for breastfeeding. I read before having Navy and referenced it many times throughout breastfeeding.
  • Baby 411 – a great quick reference for all things newborn and baby. Turned to this quite a few times when I was unsure about things as a first time mom – when I wasn’t calling my own mother for advice =))
  • The Wonder Weeks – really helpful resource for understanding your baby’s behavior through their journey of physical and mental development.  
  • Bringing Home Bebe – a really interesting perspective to raising children in the US based off techniques utilized in Europe. This one is a fun read!   

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23 responses to “Newborn Essentials

  1. Hi Mary!

    Love this post! I’ll be a new mama in May and find this so helpful! I would like to know more about the Nanit monitor and the Upang. Are both worth it? Does Upang take up a ton of space? Also, do you have any thoughts on the owlet sock? Thank you and hope your fam is enjoying this precious time with baby boy!


    1. Congratulations!! The Upang sterilizer is great since we can use it for more than just bottles, so we just keep it on the kitchen counter and get A LOT of use out of it. I recommend both the Nanit and the Owlet sock, which we are using with Indie!
      xx, M

  2. A good article, a good book can change the fate of so many people. Thanks for the valuable sharing, please keep it up to date and I will always follow you.

  3. Hi Mary
    Can you add crib, bassinet and baby equipment to this too please if you have time or share what you used in comments.

  4. Hi Mary
    Can you add crib, bassinet and baby equipment to this too please if you have time or share what you used in comments

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