Our Growing Family

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

I am completely overwhelmed by all of the kind thoughts and words from this past week. Mad and I couldn’t be happier and it meant so much to be able to share that joy with you guys. As I woke up yesterday (my 33rd birthday!!!), I felt so much gratitude for this season…with one little one crawling all over me and one growing inside me :).

I can’t help but think of you guys fighting for pregnancy and babies. My heart goes out to you. It was a fear I always had having watched close loved ones go down that same challenging journey. YOU are the real warriors! Sending love and prayers your way for strength and peace.


We can’t wait for new little guy/girl…any guesses?!! Here’s where we found out the gender. We don’t have specific plans or timing to announce but may do it soon! We’ll share the name after he/she is born :).

I don’t know if you’re ever really ready…but it did feel like the right time to grow. We knew we wanted more kids, and wanted to have them close in age. My brother and I were close, and I wanted the same for my kids. So…started trying for baby No.2 a few months ago and we’re honestly surprised at how quickly it happened. It had taken a little while longer with Navy.

Things I’ve noticed with this pregnancy…
* I’m a lot sicker
* I’ve had indigestion throughout this pregnancy (with Navy it was just near the end)
* Exhaustion!!!
* I still have cravings for tomatoes and V8 (same as the 1st!)

Things I want to do differently with this pregnancy…
* Obsess less
* Read less
* Worry less
* Trust my body more
* Listen to my body more
* Rest more


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  5. Beautiful post! How were you able to get pregnant again so quickly? Did you breastfeed your daughter? Would love to get pregnant again but don’t even have my period again yet… 🙁

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