Smash Cake Tutorial

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Hey guys!! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Navy’s smash cake shoot so I’m sharing all the details and process! I had originally planned to do something more boho, but it felt a little too “wedding-like” and less meaningful. After turning OFF Pinterest and really reflecting on how to make it special I landed on the concept of a “Memory Wall”….a look back of all the places, people, and special moments we shared during this first year. I envisioned black and white, a variety of sizes, multiples depths, and TONS of prints. YESSS. This finally felt right!

Also, since I’ve failed to print ANY personal photos in our home this would push me to finally get pictures and actually frame and use them beyond just this shoot. Investment. Check! ANDDD secondly, the Memory Wall was something I would be able to re-create with all of our kids someday, boy or girl. 

I printed my photos at Costco and ended up printing a LOT more than needed. BUT, since I’d beeb meaning to print family photos (for the past two years!) the money wasn’t going to waste. That said, I went a little crazy :).

Here’s the breakdown of what I ordered (I only used half of these on the photo wall)….

  • 13: 4×6 (glossy)
  • 13: 5×7 (glossy)
  • 09: 8×8 (glossy)
  • 31: 8×10 (glossy)
  • 10: 11×14 (glossy)
  • 16: 12×12 (glossy)
  • 09: 12×18 (glossy)
  • 04: 16×20 (lustre)
  • 04: 20×30 (lustre)

I printed a mix of iPhone snaps and photos that we took with a camera but both printed great! Also I didn’t have the option for all to be lustre or else I would have chosen that! They look MUCH better lustre vs glossy. I was limited on time so I just went with the glossy.

To frame, I used Studio Decor brand from Michaels – they’re 50% off right now! We ordered about 20-25 frames – all different sizes. I just got a mixture and made those sizes work. I didn’t want to frame every print so we just taped the rest of the prints directly to the wall using Gorilla Tape.

The Gorilla Tape was great because there wasn’t any damage to the wall or paint! On the brick in the music room, we used heavy duty Command Strips to attach the frames.

To make the images black and white, I used the filter on the Tezza App (what I’ve been using to edit all my images lately!). I liked how using the same edit here made them all flow really well together.

Overall cost was more than I planned on spending (around $600), but I also printed wayyyy more photos than necessary because I haven’t had anything printed or framed in TWO YEARS! You can absolutely do it for less if you print fewer pictures. I also love this because unlike decorations which you use once, you have framed memories to use in your home :).


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