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Thursday, July 28th, 2016


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Sweaty Betty is all-activity sportswear out of the UK. I saw Tamara’s pieces in Selfridges a couple years back and wish I had given them a try sooner! She definitely pushes the line between athletic and athleisure. Really excited to see her new London Edit, a union jack inspired collection, which launches next Thursday!!

I started using a trainer last month. This is Mike! I’m really noticing an improvement in my energy. He has me sweating my butt off every workout! We use everything from resistance bands, dumbbells, kettle bells and my favorite TRX suspension trainer. Although I’ll always love my long distance runs, this feels like a new level of strength. Excited to start sharing more as out workouts progress.

If you have anyway questions for Mike feel free to shoot him an email at mikedkrajewski@gmail.com or visit his website MKfitness!

Current workout…

1.TRX Front Squat – set up with straps under arms, bent elbows and hands tucked beside chest. In the starting position your body should be in a straight line at about a 45* angle from the ground and you will be up on the balls of your feet. To perform the squat shoot your hips back towards the anchor of the TRX and then push forward, staying on the balls of your feet the whole time to really target your quads (you can also say the front of your thighs, or your thighs or whatever)

– 3-5 sets of 20-30 reps

2. TRX Overhead Squat- with straight arms extended overhead, keep tension in the straps by pulling them apart. Then perform a squat while maintaining tight tension in the straps throughout the entire movement.

– 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps

3. TRX Crunches – set up in facing away from the TRX with your feet in the stirrups and on your elbows in a plank position. As you pull your knees into your chest it is crucial to slowly elevate your hips higher than your shoulders to encourage your abs to work as hard as possible. For added intensity you can perform this movement from a straight arm plank position.

– 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps (emphasize a slow controlled movement)

4. Heavy Ropes – these tools can be used in a couple ways, for power or for endurance. The ropes can be slammed on the ground for max effort or in small fast movements for longer periods of time to train your endurance energy systems (you may want to say that differently if that sounds too technical, feel free to send it back and i can adjust)

5. Kettlebell Deadlift to Upright Row – With a kettlebell perform a deadlift, as you come to the top of the movement lift the kettlebell up to about your collarbone. To correctly perform this, make sure you begin the upright row movement with your elbows and at the very top they should be roughly in line with your ears and the weight just under your chin.


26 responses to “SPIRIT

  1. These photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing your workout routine – you look incredible!!! So motivated to go to the gym now 😉

    xx, Amy

  2. Hi there,

    Love your blog and insta – I’m always checking in on your posts.

    Just wanted to send a note: I think the listed workout part of this post was maybe from the trainer/an edit. I think his notes may still be in the post: “(you may want to say that differently if that sounds too technical, feel free to send it back and i can adjust)”

    (PS I don’t expect this comment to post! Just wanted to send a note.)

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