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Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

I have been so excited to share Amplify interview with you! This month, I chatted with Morgan White of Expecting Grey. Expecting Grey is a lifestyle brand created by Morgan and Johnnie White III along with their daughters Grey & Roux. It all started as a platform on IG to document a young family entering the world of parenthood while keeping ahold of their sense of style. Today, Expecting Grey has evolved into a network of collaboration, inspiration, and what it means to be modern-day parents. Morgan is one of my favorite accounts to follow and I can’t wait for you all to be inspired by her as well!

I’ve really loved following you and your adorable family on Instagram. How did you get started as an online creator?

So my decision to give the outside world a peek into my life first sparked with a feature in an Essence Magazine profile piece titled, “A Mother’s Style Awakening.” It was released in 2014, the year Johnnie and I got married – before Grey, our daughter was even thought of. However, I knew that once I entered motherhood, that losing my identity was not an option and felt that I could inspire parents to have their cake and eat it too. Hence a year later, @Expecting_Grey, our main platform on Instagram was born. Today, it has grown into a space of collaboration, inspiration, and womanhood.

What inspires you most to create?

I’m inspired by life. By all aspects of life, actually. From the light shining in the morning to perfectly bunched vintage denim. And because inspiration comes to me in so many different aspects, I never really “plan” what I want to create – unless someone specifically asks for my viewpoint on a topic. When it comes to Instagram, my goal is to always remain in an authentic lane and just share what is currently going on in our lives. And you know what? I think my followers understand that as well. I have built so many beautiful connections with people I’ve never met before and I do believe it’s because I am consistently intentional, genuine, and making use of my ingenuity. 

What is your hope for 2021?

2020 was rough right? Like many people in the world right now, especially strong Black women like myself, we want 2021 to shine light on positivity.  I want dialogue around social and inequitable issues affecting minorities to happen across multiple platforms. But I also want these dialogues to come with measurable actions. Because what are conversations with no reaction? Just talk.  I want to see diverse spaces with creators developing content that is mind blowing. I want to see kids outside laughing uncontrollably without a mask on. I want people to feel loved and appreciated. Overall, I want a lot for 2021 and that’s ok. I’m setting the bar high because we all deserve it. 

“Overall, I want a lot for 2021 and that’s ok. I’m setting the bar high because we all deserve it.”


Your style is so amazing. Who do you follow for inspiration?

Ahhh, this one is tough! Instagram is a world of inspiration and I honestly could go on forever, so let me narrow it down into categories. 

Style: @krystlekastlez @siddyinthesity @j_white3 @telshaanderson
Clean Aesthetics :  @bobbytrendz @ckryshun
Interior Design: @theplantmami @patricesosoo
Photography: @nisshoots 
Makes me smile : @eyeconicash


How do you recharge and reset to maintain all of your projects? Do you believe in balance?

It’s so funny that you ask about balance because it’s one of my most talked about topics. I even wrote an article about it titled, “The Art of Balancing Motherhood” But to answer your question, definitely! My family is my number one priority. However, if I’m not 100% then I cannot give them what they need. We all need to have something that is just for us.  I have one guilty pleasure that makes me so happy…massages!  I try to treat myself at least once a month to a great massage with ZaZa, a masseuse with hands carefully crafted by God himself. Whew! Also, I have a husband that is literally my bestfriend and feeds off my energy to see when I need time to just recharge.

How do you hope your work evolves and where do you see yourself going next?

Grey, our sweet, laid-back five year old, has recently launched a range of style influenced postcards called “Special Delivery” – With its premium quality and aesthetically appealing images, they are sure to win over the hearts of everyone from children to adults. 32pt Mohawk Superfine paper and an affirmation to seal your message, make these postcards the perfect addition to any stationery kit.

These postcards mark the beginning of a new chapter for our family. As the years progress, we will be expanding Special Delivery to offer an entire lifestyle brand – from experiences to other must have pieces. 

What’s something you feel you learned about yourself during the last year?

What’s something so valuable, yet the wealthiest person cannot purchase it? – Time. With the state of the world in complete shambles this past year, the time at home has taught me endless lessons. I came into this year cherishing the smallest moments, being thankful for our health, and appreciating a well-rounded life. Winters are sad & brutal in Ny. Being home really showed me how sunshine and warm days positively affect my energy. I’m ready for a change of scenery & would be down for a new move.

“I came into this year cherishing the smallest moments, being thankful for our health, and appreciating a well-rounded life.”

How are you feeling? As a woman and a creator, how have you found yourself coping with everything that has happened in the last year?

In a world of social media, it’s very easy to be inspired one moment and depleted the next. This last year being home has amplified the stories of injustice happening in our country. I have seen the disparities in communities based on socioeconomic status and the children immediately affected by it. As a mom, educator, & woman I feel that we have the power to change the future by pouring into our children. I created a resource (posted on my IG) on how to Teach Love & Equality through dialogue with children, as well as, enriching their library at home.  

“As a mom, educator, & woman I feel that we have the power to change the future by pouring into our children.”


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