Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

The best thing about change is the feeling of a clean slate, a fresh start, new beginning. Often change can be scary and unsettling, however that’s far from the case over here. Exciting, exhilarating, freeing are the words that come to my mind.

It’s been a month since Madison and I’s big day, and we’re getting into the swing of normal life again. I still can’t believe I get to share this new chapter with my best friend. Feeling super grateful for the now and trust that the undiscovered is going to be just as amazing. We’ve also added a member to the family a couple months ago– our second Great Dane pup—sweet Miles. Growing an average of 2lbs a day and testing our patience in every way, we are madly in love with this little dude.

I often find pivots in my look are reflective of life changes. More than ever, I feel inspired to embrace the new. There is something so powering and confident about a fresh chop, ESPECIALLY for fall! This cut feels modern yet playful…and slightly sweet. I love wearing it tossed and textured for an everyday, unfinished look. It feels fun, flirty, and easy pair with a high neck knit, oversized coat, or cozy scarf. For the evening I’ve been opting for a sleek and straight vibe. It’s sexy, sophisticated, but not over down. It looks especially good paired will with a bold lip and a natural eye. Makes me think of when Sienna Miller when she went short and always rocked the orange toned lip. So chic!

Cheers to embracing the new and making bold changes. The wedding, the pup, now this new chop… feeling more inspired and excited than ever!



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