Studio Nom

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Just launched on Happily Grey! I have been SO excited to share with you guys this months Amplify—Studio Nom. The artist behind Nom Fibre Art, Nom was born in Swaziland, and grew up in the Netherlands where she then studied textile design at the Charles Montaigne Fashion Academy in Amsterdam.

Expanding on pattern and texture, Nom’s clean lines and geometric shapes speak to the confidence and perspective she’s found through her medium. Focusing primarily on wall hangings and vases, her pieces provide a unique, earth-inspired element to a space. I’m so excited to include some of her art in our house when we get back!

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!



Landing a job as a fashion designer after graduating from AMFI, Nom missed working with physical materials in her hand, and made the hard decision in 2013 to leave her career to carve her place in the crafting world.

Creating beautiful simple pieces, her work reflects a rich, diverse background. Inspired by weaving and geometric patterns from different cultures throughout the Art Deco period, every one of her pieces plays with shape, pattern and texture. I’m a firm believer that art transforms any room, and the stories she creates through fibre are inspiring.


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27 responses to “Studio Nom

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