Summer Hair, Hello

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

I’m A L W A Y S on the hunt for something new to do with my hair – a fun alternative to get me out of slump of same-old, something special for a night out with friends or a date night with Mad :). I teamed up with my friend and stylist Kristen Carbine to try out some summer looks.

A few takeaways – texture is KEY!! In all three of these looks, it was really important to create good body and some natural looking wave. For me, I try not to work against the summer heat and humidity, but instead choose looks that will play nicely with the weather ;).
Also, HAIR ACCESSORIES!!! We had a blast trying out different hair clips with each style – and every clip makes a statement – sassy, bold and sweet :). Be sure and tell me your fave!!

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U N D O N E   U P D O

STEP 1: Give your hair some texture!!! For this, we used IGK Beach Club Texture Spray, IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Powder Spray and OUIA Dry Texture Foam.

STEP 2: Start with a center part and begin by forming a low base, twisting the hair layer by layer to one side.

TIP: Start refined and then mess it up later

STEP 3: Once you’ve created your arch through layered twists, place your barrette!!

STEP 4: Messy it up;).


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P I N // S H I N E

STEP 1: Start by parting your hair on the side.

STEP 2: Create definition to your wave by using a curling wand, but LEAVE THE ENDS!! We used the t3 1″ barrel so the wave is the same consistency throughout each piece of hair. It’s important to start out with good definition in your curls because you’ll be teasing your hair A LOT to achieve this look!!

STEP 3: Depending on your part, tease the heavier side upward – you really want to tease it up HIGH – then lightly backcomb it over.

STEP 4: To achieve the glossy look on the other side of the part, we used IGK’s Down & Out Dirty Spray and the OUAI Hair Oil to really lock in the wet look.

TIP: Take the OUAI Hair Oil to the root – roots can look dry so this helps!!

STEP 5: Now place your bobby pins – use a comb to help achieve your desired spacing.


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S U M M E R  T W I S T

STEP 1: TEXTURE!! To create our texture, we used OUIA Texture Foam and OUIA Volumizing Hair Spray.

STEP 2: Create your wave by taking your flat iron and make a bend one way and then coming back to the same piece of hair and bending the opposite direction.

STEP 3: Create volume by taking a little hair from the crown and back combing.

STEP 4: Create your base by creating to twists – secure with bobby pins.

STEP 5: Continue to twist small sections into your base securing with bobby pins.

STEP 6: Place your clip at the base of your twists and secure it creating a triangle with three bobby pins so it does not slide throughout the day.

TIP: The key to making your look last all day is your secure base made first with bobby pins – add your clip ON TOP of your pinned base!!


Here’s another look at all the products we used – as always TEXTURE is KEY!! 😉


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66 responses to “Summer Hair, Hello

  1. For a long time I have wanted to brave the cut and go for a bob! I think this post has more or less convinced me that this is the right step forward. Summer twist is my favourite look in this post will have to try my best to recreate this look haha!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We had a blast trying out different hair clips with each style – and every clip makes a statement – sassy, bold and sweet :). Be sure and tell me your fave!!

  3. great blog love your hairstyles
    the way you describes it was very good for beginners
    thanks and most amazing was the summer twist

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  11. I have been trying out different hairstyles but get messed up. plus I had a hair treatment some time ago it ruined my hair, been looking a way to fix y hair since.

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