Tips for packing with babies

Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

Any parent will tell you the most stressful part of vacation is the prepping and the PACKING especially when little kids are involved. Navy was almost one last time we were at the beach, now with two under two we have TWICE as much baby stuff to remember! We packed beach toys and gear based on what we used on our last beach trip. Sharing what I learned packing for two under two for the beach, and my top packing tips for kids, no matter where you’re traveling! 

  • Tip #1: PACKING CUBES!! We don’t travel without these. They make packing and staying organized SO easy, especially for all of the little odds and ends that kiddos need. I try to keep everything organized into categories so Mad and I both know where to find what we need:
    • Feeding Indie (bottles and nipples etc.)
    • Feeding Navy (plates, placemats, utensils, and bibs) 
    • Toiletries 
    • Medical bag (anything and everything we could possibly need just in case!) 
    • Beach needs (sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, hair ties)
    • Bath time for the kiddos 
    • Toys and books for the car ride and beach downtime
  • Tip #2: Kiddos get their own suitcase! Diapers, kids’ clothes and swimsuits, bottles, toys, books…everythinggg packed in one place. For being so little babies require SO much stuff and it’s nice to have it all together. Also pack the kids suitcase before packing your own – SO much easier to gather what you need once you know the kiddos are all set.     
  • Tip #3: Overpack the essentials…but only the essentials! It’s easy to pack too much for the kids when thinking of EVERY scenario that could happen while you’re gone, but don’t get carried away…it’s just a week, it’ll be ok =)) However, since we’re constantly changing diapers and either running to the potty or cleaning up accidents, diapers, wipes, and extra underwear are the exception to over-packing. We can never have too many! 
  • Tip #4: DOUBLE CHECK. This one might seem obvious but once you’re packed, check and check again that you have everything once you’re ready to pack the car. Before we left for the beach Navy had a field day digging in the luggage, taking things out, and hiding them around the house – ha! Mad and I were confident we had everything packed and thought we were losing our minds when we found toiletries, clothes and wipes around the house we knew we already packed…thank you toddler. Make sure you have eyes on everythinggg before zipping up the luggage.  

Since we drove we had space to pack extra, non-essential, just-in-case items. Whether you’re flying or driving I hope this list of packing must-haves for toddlers and babies, is helpful in prepping for your next trip. Also, any experienced, traveling mommas PLEASE share your tips below!



Kid’s Suitcase

In Case of Emergency

Whenever we travel I pack a medical bag. With little kids, I’d rather have it and not need it than need something for sick Indie or Navy and not have it! Always ask your pediatrician what you should include in your bag, especially if your kids have any allergies. Here’s my go-to list for a first-aid kit: 

Entertaining Navy…

Beach Time

  • Sunscreen
    • Spray sunscreen
    • Sunscreen sticks for kids’ faces 
  • Sunglasses for Navy and Indie 
  • Hair ties, bows and hair clips for Navy


  • Dr. Sturm Baby Wash
  • Necessaire body wash – so gentle the whole family can use it.
  • Evereden body oil 
  • Hair brush
  • ALSO the inconspicuous tester bottles are something I’ll be sharing more about THIS FALL…hint: it’s part of mine and Mad’s newest brand =)) 

Mealtime + Snacking

In this Photo

Best Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are AMAZING and we swear by them. Any brand is great but these are my favorites: 

  • StorkSak – Mad and I love this brand and both backed our go-bags for Indie’s birth in StorkSak bags.
  • Beis – a travel brand so there are tons of size options and it’s really well made.
  • Stoney Clover – I love these customizable bags for Navy, and they come in a range of sizes (mini, small and large
  • Cuyana – more luxury, leather, heirloom-style, toiletry bags vs typical packing cubes. I’ve given them as gifts to Mad =))  

Miscellaneous Kids Needs

  • Shoes – I keep all of Indie’s and Navy’s shoes in one packing cube. They are so small that if they weren’t all together they could easily get lost in the luggage! 
  • Lollipop monitor – hooks onto anything and is our favorite monitor to travel with.
  • Indie’s pacifiers and holders 

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  32. Packing for a trip with a baby requires careful planning and preparation. By following these tips and being well-organized, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for both you and your little one.

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