Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Excited to have teamed up with my good friends over at TRESemmé again to celebrate their 15th season of sponsoring NYFW. Beyond the incredible products and styling these guys truly are such a fun, inspiring team to work with. As you know I tend to keep my hair pretty simple —unfinished low knot, messy ponytail, or the occasional top knot. After working with the TRESemmé team I’m inspired to venture out a little more and try something new.

In this Photo


One of my favorite hairstyles I received at the TRESemmé Salon was this loose braid to the back. I chose this look wanting something a little more feminine and refined but still very loose and unfinished. This dress I am wearing is from one of my very favorite lines Self Portrait. With all the beautiful detailing and cutout in the back I wanted a style that was simple and straight on keeping the focus on the backside.

This is definitely a style I will be repeating very soon with a little practice. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this look that I learned from my TRESemmé stylist, Johanna to easily recreate and get the look at home….

Prep hair with TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo by spraying at the roots to refresh the hair and absorb any excess oil
Section the hair off into two sections on both sides
Begin dutch braiding (or an inverted braid) from the front of the crown towards the back of the head to the nape on both sides, leaving some face framing pieces out
Once both braids were complete, twist the 2 braids into a bun and secure the end with bobby pins
Finish off by pulling smaller, wispy pieces to frame the face and set the look with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray for a flexible hold all day

*This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product of Unilever.


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63 responses to “UNDONE

  1. The delicate,black trim looks stunning–rather architectural–on your back. I love the hard-soft contrast of the two patterns. That dress is truly special.

  2. Beautiful hairstyle! I like my hair to be slightly undone too. I can totally relate to working off a Pinterest photo that inspired me!
    Tasha Juli

  3. Hi Mary, Loved doing this for you. You look amazing. Thank you for adding this hairstyle to your blog. The hairstyle really looks gorgeous with the outfit!!! Beautiful Pictures!!

  4. This dress is absolutely gorgeous, especially on you! How does it fit? Can i ask you which size you took?
    Thank u!

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