Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

STILLLL not over this night! I have been so excited to share this tablescape with you guys – my favorite one we have done with Mayker so far! I have always dreamt about having a boho themed dinner under the stars with friends – with string lights and plush pillows for seating – but this tablescape blewww awaaaayyyy all prior expectations.

For this tablescape, our Peach Konda Vase served as our hero piece. We pulled our color scheme from here, using lots of neutrals, woods and light pinks with pops of contrast from the black.

I really loved how seamlessly this tablescape flowed together — everything felt very light and earthy but also feminine. Rather than florals, the Mayker team continued to emphasize the boho feel by using dried botanicals – I especially loved the bleached bunny tails from BLOOMIST – perfect for fall!

TIP: Once guests sat down to eat, we removed the larger Peach Konda Vase centerpieces so it was easier to have conversation. The table was also set with smaller glazed bud vases filled with the bunny tails, so it still felt well decorated — just more functional for a dinner-party atmosphere :).


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Essential to any dinner good dinner party, the food was AMAZING! Placemat cooked for us a Tex-Mex spread. They make the most incredible gluten free, vegan, dairy-free options! If you have any dietary restrictions, they are seriously the best about accommodating, and also making it taste SO GOOD.

We also had the most delicious fresh lime margarita cocktails from The Aero Bar to go with our Tex-Mex themed bites — and of course wine ;). I’m normally a fan of white, but the cab from Penfolds is SO GOOD.



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  1. It’s wonderful that you were able to bring your dream vision to life and create a tablescape that exceeded your expectations. Thank you for sharing your experience and the details of your beautiful setup with Mayker.

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