Our Bedroom

Sunday, June 26th, 2022

Our bedroom…viola!! EXCITED to share a project I’ve been working on the last year with CB2. Since the pandemic I (along with many of you!) have been on a mission with some home updates. Warmth, TEXTURES, and cozy have been the main themes, while keeping it all realistic with two under two and our indoor ponies =) 

My goal for the space was to create interest through neutral tones and monochromatic textures. I wanted to change out elements from the original bedroom to make the space feel new and fresh, but build off the existing warmth of the room to keep it cozy. Some core design features – the wooden slat wall, roman shades and wall color remained from the original bedroom design so the main focus was new furniture, accents and art.      


Art is a great way to add personality to a space is through art. It adds character and a personalized touch to the room while tying together other design elements. When deciding on what to hang in the space this piece stuck out to me . The oversized 40″x60″ canvas fills the wall and adds the perfect finishing element to that bedroom corner. We hung it beside the bed and it brings me so much peace! Oh and by the way CB2 has amazing, framed black and white portraits of icons like Diana Ross, Miles Davis, and others – such a fun piece to add interest!  

TEXTURE…boucle boucle boucle. The best part of the room by far are the brace chairs! Not only are they perfectly oversized but the boucle texture, chrome detail and modern silhouette make them the hero piece. Once I found the chairs, I knew I wanted to style the room around them. When I use a lot of the same color in design I like to add in different textures for contrast – it’s the best way to achieve a monochromatic look that feels intentional. Between the chairs, shag rug, bedding, and chunky knit throw, tonality and texture transformed this room! 


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  1. This is such a clean space, it really makes me want to redo my whole space when I see such beautiful pictures, and I am far from being a manual girl! Thank you for sharing amazing inspiration – at some point, I will definitely start clearing out my own apartment to make it minimalist!

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  4. Love your nature style of bedroom design!

    New year, new start. 🎇May the New Year bring you and family happiness, peace, and prosperity. Happy New Year!🥂✨


  5. Hi!
    Everything looks so beautiful!

    I’m curious to know what you used to texturize the bed frame? Can you please share that info and any links? Thanks so much.

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  8. What a wonderful bedroom. I have dreaming that kind of bedroom. The concept, the arrangement, and the design are so good and aesthetics. Hope I have bedroom like this.

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