Kid’s Bathroom Reveal

Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Happy, earthy, and simple. SO happy to finally have this sweet space finished. I’ve been working on and off for the last year and finally made myself commit and get it done! You know how that can be =) Although this bathroom is connected to Indie’s room I decided to make this the dedicated kids bath because it’s super spacious and at this age it’s a bath party anyway! My goal was to keep it neutral, lighthearted, timeless, and of course terracotta. Sharing design details and everything I used below =))


The main attraction in the space is actually inspiration from 2 years ago when we were building the house! I had a vision and really connected with the bold, geometric pattern of white tile with inlaid gold. People always think it’s wallpaper but it’s this Hoshi tile from Akdo, which took about 16 hours to lay since it was all done by hand! I wanted to feature the texture and pattern of the tile backsplash as the focal point of the room. It makes the space pop and really draws your eye in so I played off this to build out the rest of the room.

I fell IN LOVE with these rainbow rugs the moment I saw them and knew they were perfect for the space. The size was spot on and the terracotta tones accented the tile wall perfectly. Also (!!) the pile is low enough that the doors just barely sweep and close! We actually just brought them in to our Happily Grey store as well. 

After the tile and the rugs, everything else followed suit. I chose warmer colors and textures like terracotta, light wood, and baskets for decor. Every accent in the bathroom plays off of the warmth of the inlay on the tile in some way – the modern black and gold mirrors, gold faucets and lighting accent the gold tones. 

The butterfly wall was such a fun and easy project! I wanted to include a big, textural, statement piece and not break the bank. Initially I ordered a large rattan piece to hang here but after so many shipping delays I decided to try something else. I found these paper butterfly cutouts on Amazon and created a fun, monochrome, dimensional feature. The butterflies came with pre cut stickers which made this a quick 30 minute project, plus it was so easy to do with kiddos -Navy and I stuck them together! Adding in textures for contrast is key to achieve a monochromatic look that feels intentional and I love how it turned out! 

In this Photo

PS Indie’s outfit is from the Happily Grey store and just happens to match the bathroom =)) Also sharing the links for mine and Navy’s outfits


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