Book Wall How-To

Monday, August 17th, 2020

We moved into our new HG Headquarters towards the end of January – almost a 3 year process! But WORTH the wait. Just a few months after opening our doors, we had to close our store and headquarters due to the pandemic. Being back now, I’m even  more grateful for a place to collaborate alongside my team.

The space has a lot of bright whites and earth tones, but from the beginning of the design process, I had a vision to incorporate a creative element or art wall as a point of contrast and inspiration.

I’ve always loved coffee table books (I have them in almost every room of our house – ha!). I started scrolling through Pinterest for ideas and saw this inspo for a book wall – shelves lined with coffee table books up the the ENTIRE length of the wall. I loved the dark pop of contrast and thought it was such a unique way to use books in a space.

I ordered my shelves from Amazon (so much more affordable than custom shelving!). I ended up doing 6 shelved spaced about 16” inches apart. I put a console table from CB2 at the base of the wall base as and used it as a reference point for where the book wall should begin (about 25” above the credenza’s surface). I painted BOTH the shelves and wall Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams. Tip: The shelves also took multiple coats! Let the first coat dry before applying the second or you will end up with brush streaks on your shelves!

The amount of books you need will depend on the number of shelves. For six shelves, I used around 35 books – about 5 per shelf depending on the size of the book. A lot of these I had at my house already, but ordered a few from Amazon to help fill out the wall. Linked some my faves HERE.




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