Dish Towel Workout

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

I’ve been getting so many DM’s from you guys about what my fitness routine looks like. Truthfully, I’m not an expert but I have found that my body needs to be active every day – not just for my physical health but for my mental and emotional health too. Current circumstances have definitely affected my regular workout, but I still try and get it in – even if it looks a little different these days. Sharing one of my favorite at home workouts, and literally all you need is a dishtowel and these six moves and I promise you, YOU WILL FEEL IT! I do 3 sets of 12 reps for each move.

Let me know what you guys think!



Start in a plank position with a dish towel placed under both feet! Bring your legs in towards your arms, lifting your hips into a pike position. Then, using your core, lower the hips back down, into a plank. Try not to let your hips dip down in your plank!



Start in a full plank position with a towel positioned under both feet. Use your lower abs to pull both of your knees up toward your chest. Then, extend your legs straight again into a plank position. Keep your core engaged and try not to let your hips to drop. 



Begin in a plank position with dish towels under both feet. Then, engaging your core bring your right leg up toward the outside of right arm. Push your right leg back into a plank position and repeat on your left side.



Lie on your back with a dish towel under both feet. Bend your knees keeping your feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips into a bridge position so only your upper back is touching the floor.  Slide both feet out—straightening your legs while keeping your hips lifted. Use your hamstrings and core to really press into the floor. Then slide your feet back into your bridge position. 



Start in full plank position with a towel under each of your feet. Keep your abs engaged and tight and your spine in a neutral position. Use your core to pull your right knee up towards your chest while sliding your foot on the towel. Then press your right leg straight again – you should really feel this in your glutes too!! At the same time, pull your left knees into your chest and then press straight again. Keep alternating sides as fast as you can — I do 3 sets — each set for a 30 second interval. 



Start in a standing position with a dish towel positioned under your right foot. Then, extend your right foot behind you, lowering into a lunge. Your left knee should be bent at a 90° angle. It helps to keep your knee in line with the heel of your foot! (You weight should be slightly shifted over to your left leg). Slide your right leg in together with your left leg, back into a standing position.


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